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Thor: Master Of All Synths

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Thor: Master Of All Synths

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Lightning strikes as G.W. Childs explores the vast depths of all the controls in Reason’s classic Master of All Synths: Thor, in this Windows and Mac compatible, 42 tutorial-video course.

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Thor is the biggest, baddest synth in the Reason rack, and Thor’s sonic secrets are unveiled for the first time anywhere by veteran Thor sound designer G.W. Childs.

While Thor is an extremely advanced digital synthesizer, it is built looking back at basic analog synthesizer modules. G.W. takes you through Thor’s complex kingdom, knob by knob, diving beneath the GUI to uncover the sonic mysteries of this divine virtual synth.

If you're new to sound design, this couldn't be a better time to learn : as G.W. explores the mysteries of Thor you'll learn important sound design principles and see how synthesizer modules work together to create sound.

If you’re an experienced synthesist this tutorial will inspire you to dig deeper into the depths of this deep synth. So Join G.W. on an aural journey into the kingdom of the mythological Master of All Synths: Thor! This course, originally created in a previous version, is forward-compatible with Reason 7 and beyond.

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How Does It Work?

After buying this online course, you will receive your personal AskVideo access code and a URL that takes you directly to the AskVideo site. Just click the link and enter the code to start learning!

Included Tutorial Videos

  1. Introduction of Thor
  2. Modular Synthesis Concept
  3. Opening Thor
  4. Loading a patch
  5. Thor’s Unique Polyphony Settings
  6. Keyboard Modes
  7. Portamento
  8. Rotaries and Buttons
  9. Sound Design - Quick Bass Patch
  10. Explanation of Oscillators in Synthesis
  11. Changing Oscillators In Thor
  12. Analog Oscillator
  13. Wavetable Oscillator
  14. Phase Modulation Oscillator
  15. FM Pair Oscillator
  16. Multi Oscillator
  17. Noise Oscillator
  18. Modulation Capabilities between Oscillators
  19. Routing Secondary and Third Oscillators
  20. Sound Design: Basic Multi-Oscillator Patch
  21. Explanation of Filters within Synthesis
  22. Filter Slots and their Strategies

  23. Low Pass Oscillator

  24. State Variable Filter
  25. Comb Filter
  26. Formant Filter
  27. Envelopes
  28. Filter Drive
  29. The Shaper
  30. Sound Design Exercise: Filter Kick
  31. Introduction to LFOs
  32. Thor’s Unique LFOs
  33. Introduction to the Modulation Matrix
  34. Envelopes can be LFOs Too - Global Envelope
  35. Assignable Inputs and Outputs
  36. Sound Design- Thor Effect Combinator
  37. Introduction of Thor’s Sequencer
  38. More than Just a Melodic Source
  39. Sequencer Modes
  40. Sound Design - Thor as Arp Like Device
  41. Assignable Modulation Outputs in Thor and Sequencer...
  42. Conclusion


Released: 2013-10-22
Version: 1.0.0