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Twisted Sound Design

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Twisted Sound Design

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Reason wizard Mo Volans takes you deep inside the world of synthesis and plunges you into the dark underworld of Twisted Sound Design in this Windows and Mac compatible 29 tutorial-video download exploration of advanced sonic techniques...

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In this sound design course, Mo has prepared a rack full of awesome instruments and FX to unleash the power of Reason's amazing synths (think Thor and Scream 4, The Echo and Kong…)

You'll be blown away by what Dr. OctoRex can do when the good Doctor's envelopes filters and LFOs are tweaked and infused newfound energy! Then watch as Mo combines several of Reason's most twisted synths and FX and asserts control over 'em all using the power of the Combinator to create one massive sound effect that can be set free with one key press!

But let's not forget our old friend ReCycle...Learn how this granddad of rack mates can slice up your twisted audio and then toss it back inside OctoRex for some serious mangling—all within the powerful Reason rack. So much to do and so much audio to do it with!

Join Mo Volans and unleash your inner audio mangler in this 29-tutorial masterpiece, Twisted Sound Design .

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How Does It Work?

After buying this online course, you will receive your personal AskVideo access code and a URL that takes you directly to the AskVideo site. Just click the link and enter the code to start learning!

Included Tutorial Videos

  1. What Is Sound Design?
  2. A Sound Designer’s Paradise
  3. Patches, Devices and Audio
  4. Synthesis Is Key in Sound Design
  5. Reason’s Synthesizers
  6. The Power of Thor
  7. Treating External Sounds in Thor
  8. Samplers Are Synths Too
  9. A Note on the CV/Gate System
  10. Thinking Outside the Box
  11. Diverse Oscillator Setups
  12. Granular Magic
  13. "Found Sound" Theory
  14. Pads, Drones and Textures
  15. Drops, Sweeps and Rises

  16. Drops, Sweeps and Rises

  17. SFX With Dr. OctoRex
  18. Building FX Kits in Kong
  19. Redrum As an FX Trigger
  20. Creating Super FX Processors
  21. Ultimate Synth FX Stacks
  22. Deep Macro Modulation
  23. External and Internal Audio Editing
  24. Time Stretch Essentials
  25. Slicing, Dicing, Cutting and Pasting
  26. ReCycle Your New Audio
  27. Cutting-edge Distortion Sounds
  28. Using Analog Echo Effects
  29. Filtering Your New Effects
  30. Tight Spaces and Ambience


Released: 2013-10-22
Version: 1.0.0