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World Booster Pack

Super Saver

Various Developers

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World Booster Pack

Super deal: 93% discount - you save $400!

Tambura, lap harp, Yaqui metal Sistrum, Ghatam and Khazak Dombra: exotic names for exotic instruments with unique and characteristic sounds. The World Booster Pack is a collection of pristine sampled and playable instruments from all corners of the world. The collection gives you ten sound libraries for the price of one!

Product details

Grab the World Booster Pack to add a huge supply of quirky and unusual instruments to your collection. Instruments full of character that as useful in a pop chorus as in an epic move soundtrack. The World Booster Pack consists of ten popular ReFills from the Propellerhead Shop in one easy purchase and download. And who knows? Maybe some Whale Drum percussion is just what your next house floor filler needs?

What’s inside
  • Sitar Nation–Impact Soundworks
  • Highland Harps–Impact Soundworks
  • The New World–Sounds And Effects
  • Tuned Micro–Soundiron
  • Drums and Percussion of Ancient Mexico–Sounds And Effects
  • Kazakh Dombra–Impact Soundworks
  • Scandinavian Roots vol.1–Sound Propulsion
  • Hidden Objects–Sounds And Effects
  • Ocarinas and Clay Flutes–Sounds And Effects
  • World Percussion vol.1–The Loop Loft

More details

Sitar Nation

The most deeply-sampled sitar, tambura, tabla and baya library ever released! Includes all important playing techniques, 8 Combinator patches, 34 NN-XT patches, special FX (designed) sounds, MIDI grooves, and extensive multisampling for maximum realism.

Sitar Nation captures the sounds of four traditional North Indian instruments with incredible detail. While many world or ethnic instrument collections are very 'broad', they provide only an overview of each instrument and not enough to create truly realistic performances or sequences. This library offers much greater depth, enough to create not only convincing rhythm or accompaniment parts, but true solo performances as well!

Four instruments are included: the classic sitar, tampura (low drones), tabla and baya (hand drums). Each has been sampled with multiple dynamics and round robin variations to avoid any 'machine gun' effects or repetitive sounds. Every important articulation was captured, from standard picks and glissandos to various bends, drones, phrases, release noises, and trills.

  • Four deep-sampled instruments: sitar, tabla, tampura, baya
  • 15 special FX Combinator patches
  • 8 natural Combinator patches / 34 NN-XT patches
  • Dozens of MIDI percussion grooves to get you started
  • Multiple dynamics and round robins for each note
  • Sustains, mordents, bends, tremolos
  • Multiple glissando types, chikari strings
  • FX pads, textures, tonal, and synth-type sounds
  • Keyswitch patches for live performance and convenience
Highland Harps

Highland Harps features the authentic sound of traditional folk harps: the lyre, lap harp, and celtic harp, sampled in great depth (1,900+ samples / 24 patches). These beautiful instruments evoke images of the Irish countryside, Appalachian splendor, tall tales, and a hearty mug of mead beside a crackling fire.

Highland Harps explores the full range of three gorgeous harps, sampling them in exquisite detail. Unlike traditional orchestral harps, these stringed instruments have a richer, brighter tone, recorded up close and dry with no excessive hall reverb. As with all ISW libraries, every note was recorded with many dynamic / velocity layers and round robins for maximum realism.

These stringed instruments each have a rich tradition extending back hundreds to thousands of years - and while they are ideal for traditional, folk, medieval and Renaissance music, they are also outstanding for modern productions in any number of styles, from soundtracks and scoring to atmospheric EDM, New Age, ambient, and even pop.

  • Three instruments: lyre, celtic harp and lap harp
  • Deep sampled: up to 7x RRs/velocities per note
  • 1,900+ samples / 1.2gb of sounds
  • Intimate close-mic'd sound
  • 24 natural & designed (FX) patches
  • Combinator interface for easy tone control
  • Plucked, bowed, ebowed, hammered and harmonics
  • Tonal and atonal percussion
  • Glissando and glissando beds
The New World

The New World is the ultimate collection of hard-to-find ethnic instruments: Thumb pianos, meditation bowl, elephant tusk horn, shark calling rattle, stamping tubes, Javanese pitched bamboo racks, lava stone clickers, clay pot drums, cut bamboo shakers, finger cymbals, Korean temple gongs, polished rosewood percussion sticks and clickers, and boat lute.

  • African: calf hide drum, lizard skin drum, high and low cup gongs, Shekera shakers, ivory horn, Udu drum, talking drum, clay frame drum, kalimbas and m'bira.
  • American/Appalachian: dulcimer and wind chimes.
  • American Indian: tom drum, cow horn rattles, elm bark rattles, Yaqui metal sistrum, and rainsticks.
  • Chinese: Hsaio Ching Pa & Chung Ching Pa cymbals and sheng (mouth organ).
  • European: Accordion.
  • Greek: Bouzouki.
  • Hawaiin: Ili ili - (struck lava stones), ipu gourd drum, kae keeke bamboo stamping tubes (hi and low), pu il cut bamboo rattles, and rosewood kalaaw sticks.
  • Indian: Tasha, dhol , khol, madal, mridangam, pakhawaj, tabla, and banja drums, ghatam (clay pot drum), and Gobichan (plucked and struck).
  • Japanese: O tsaiko, no tsaiko, ko tsaiko, oke-do and okawa drums, hyoshigi clappers, and suzu bells (Shinto prayer bells).
  • Javanese: Anklung (bamboo racks), and ketjer finger cymbals.
  • Korean: Chang go, koo ku mu, pook, samm chu li, and tang ku drums. pan clappers, jabara cymbals, and chinj and kwen gwari gongs.
  • Middle Eastern: Daf tamborine, and darabuka drum.
  • New Guinean: Shark Calling Rattle of coconut shells.
  • Norwegian: Hardanger fiddle (dragon's head fiddle).
  • Spanish: Flamenco guitar.
  • Sumatran: Hasapi (horseheaded 'boat lute').
  • Tibetan: Mediation bowl.
  • Trinidadian: Steel drums (tenor and 'double second').
Tuned Micro

Tuned Micro is a compact yet powerful multi-instrument collection focusing on a variety of unique stringed and tuned percussion instruments. Featuring useful tastes of Bamblong, Circlebells, Imbibaphones, Kalimba, Music Box, Toy Glockenspiel, Waterharp, Zitherette and more. These sounds can be heard in a long list of films, television shows, video games, trailers, commercials, and records around the world.

Each of these instruments were recorded in a variety of locations, from dry studios to underground artillery bunkers. We used high quality large diaphragm condenser microphones in wide stereo pairs, with full clarity, presence and body to allow easy custom arrangement and mixing. In adapting Tuned Micro to Reason’s ReFill format, we created a selection of ten Combinator patches, each featuring dual-layered articulations with adjustable note attack, release, and independent volume control for each articulation. We’ve also included a few creative effects such as reverb, sweepable resonant lowpass filter and echo.

  • 10 Combinator patches each with two instrument articulations
  • 24 NN-XT Patches
  • 2 Unique Stringed and Tuned Percussion Instrument Categories
  • Combinator control interface: Adjustable Note Attack and Release, Independent Volume control for each articulation, Reverb, Filter and Echo
  • 285 Samples
  • 84 MB ReFill content
  • 250 MB Sample content
Drums and Percussion of Ancient Mexico

Drums and Percussion of Ancient Mexico by Sounds and Effects includes fierce Aztec war drums, ceremonial log drums, husk rattles, deep Shamanic frame drums, Cantaro clay water pot, a bright pandeiro, the wild, wild sounds of the Mayan friction drum, which clicks, whirs, pops, groans, and imitates the sound of the jaguar and much more...

The Teponaztli and HueHuetl were the main percussion instruments of the Aztecs. The fierce Huehuetl would lead into battle, or was used in ceremonies including human sacrifices, often with the teponaztli. Originally played by hand, legend has it that after the Spanish conquered Mexico the huehuetl was outlawed -- punishment was cutting off of the offending hand of the player! Years later, when the drum was legalized, players struck them only with sticks, in memory of those who lost hands in the past.

In addition to the Teponaztli and HueHuetl this ReFill includes:

  • Pandeiro Hits And Shakes - hits, shakes, rubbed.
  • Ayacaxtle Shakers Ayoyotes Rattles, Maracas, gourd rattles, Guiro, Claves
  • Friction Drum
  • Mexican Bells - copper, iron, and clay hand bells.
  • Cántaro - Clay jug from Chiapas that is hit to get diverse percussion effects.
  • Tamboril requinto - small traditional hand drum from Jalisco.
  • Tamborin - A small spinning drum that has beads attached by beads.
  • Tarahumari Indian Shamanic drum

  • 350 Megabytes (uncompressed)

  • 737 hits
  • 206 loops
  • 32 Combinators
  • 31 NNXT Presets

Kazakh Dombra

Kazakh Dombra captures the traditional stringed instrument of the same name, recorded with the utmost authenticity. The dombra has a bright, percussive tone with a quick decay, making it ideal for very quick playing. It can be compared to the Japanese shamisen, or even a banjo, in that it is frequently strummed quickly along with rapid melodic lines.

To make the instrument as realistic as possible, every single note was sampled on both strings of the dombra, with up to 16 (8 up and 8 down) variations per note! All crucial playing techniques are included, such as sustains, mutes, 'mordents' (quick pitch turns), and release noises. No fake-sounding transposed notes or repetition here.

The Kazakh Dombra is a fantastic tool for those looking to add an authentic East European / Russian sound to their arsenal. From chase scenes to underscore, virtuosic solo parts, or layering with other sounds of the region, we think you will find the textures of this instrument to be very musical and inspiring!

  • Deep-sampled two-stringed lute
  • 1,000+ samples / 6 Combinator patches
  • Up to 16x RR per note (8x up/8x down)
  • Intimate close-mic'd sound
  • Sustains, trills, mordents, tremolo
  • Mutes, hammer-ons, slides
  • Full chokes & strums
  • Combinator interface for extra tone tweaking
Scandinavian Roots vol.1

The Scandinavian Roots Reason Refill opens up a whole new world of sounds and historical instruments from the enchanted lands of the North. Instruments like the Hurdy Gurdy, Swedish Bagpipes, Kantele, Pump Organ, Offerdahl Pipe and excellent Reason integration and programming makes this a must have ReFill.

All samples are 44.1 KHz, 24 bit stereo and are recorded with an absolute minimum of compression and eq. We’ve made it that way to give you full control in the mix.

  • Over 980 REX loops in different tempo, keys and measures
  • 19 multisampled instruments containing 26 NN-XT instrument patches.
  • 28 brand new Combinator patches!
Hidden Objects

Hidden Objects from Sounds And Effects features percussive hits and loops of sonic treasures found in the real world. Rusty iron objects clanging or scraping, rubber snapped or stretched, styrofoam rubbed or struck, huge steel bands stretched tight and snapping or being struck and boing-ing, the lids of rusty steel drums hit and ringing like gongs, bamboo tubes and canes, sea shells clicked, clacked, rubbed, and struck, aluminum cans crushed, a dull metal / tin sheet being struck, palm fronds shaken, rocks struck and falling, struck buckets and tubs, plastic wrap stretched tight like a drum, zippers being zipped and undone (scratch-like effects), resonant street lamps - struck or scraped, spiral staircases struck, hack-saws sawing rhythmically, or being struck and twanging, large carbon fiber tubes pinged, ting-ing wine and martini glasses, water vases being popped, ice being scraped or dropped, a jail gate being slammed shut, concrete being smashed with a sledgehammer, bottles and glass breaking, bobble head dolls bobbling, a television being struck, and much more.

  • 150 NNXT Presets
  • 32 Combinators
  • 1001 samples
  • 129 REX loops
Ocarinas and Clay Flutes

Sounds And Effects presents Ocarinas and Clay Flutes, a collection of native clay flutes and ocarinas of the Americas, played for easy creation of sweet,sorrowful, strange and haunting melodic lines, breathy, wailing overblown screeches, weird nose blown flute tones, or odd microtonal trills and bird calls.

Ocarinas and Clay Flutes Reason ReFill includes the haunting sounds of the native and pre Hispanic American flutes of north and central America. Four ocarinas, played so that they create sweet or sorrowful, straight simple notes, or vibrato, wild calls, screeches, tonal or microtonal trills, or fanciful bird calls. The samples are presented here with lots of velocity switches, or mod wheel controller fades, so that a straight note can easily become a 1/2 step breathy slide up or down, a nasty screech, a wild haunting trill, or fade into fully overblown, providing great playability while maintaining ease of use.

  • 24/44.1 Stereo
  • 198 NNXT Presets
  • 35 Combinator Presets
World Percussion vol.1

Produced specifically for Reason , World Percussion Vol 1 is the first ReFill from The Loop Loft consisting entirely of ethnic hand percussion. With pristinely recorded loops and samples (24-bit, 48 khz audio) ranging from West African udu drums and shakers, to North Indian frame drums, to Afro-Peruvian cajons, the World Percussion collection provides an eclectic library of highly authentic sounds and grooves from all over the world.

Containing custom patches for the Dr. Octo Rex player and Kong, this ReFill leverages the latest and greatest features found in Reason 5, putting the loops and samples at your fingertips in a way that was never before possible. Watch the video below to see (and hear) what the World Percussion ReFill can add to your Reason library.

  • 102 REX2 Loops
  • 14 Dr Octo Rex Patches
  • 4 Kong Patches
  • High Quality, 24-bit 48 khz Audio


Released: 2014-11-27
Version: 1.0.0