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Enlightenspeed Ltd

  • • Detects, records and plays any chord up to 8 notes
  • • Automatically convert any chord to scale.
  • • Unrivalled playback flexibility

Video clips

The Loopcracker Suite - Part 3

What's new in 1.5

Random Chords Section - This has been given a massive upgrade which allows you to now set up the parameters of any random chord. You can define what pitch area you want by setting the base value, how many octaves it should cover using the spread control, but most importantly there are now 42 scales presets (for Major, Minor, Dorian, Phrygian etc, etc) which can be adhered to, and of course, each bank can be to a different scale.

Scale Assigns Upgrade - The scale assigns have now got presets available to them, allowing each bank to be set up as it's own scale (for Major, Minor..... yeah them again).

Individual Key Transpose - Each scale bank in the set can now be transposed into key. This works with both the new Random chord generation and the new Scale presets, along with existing user defined scales, of course.

What is Chordbank?

Chordbank is a utility Player device designed to extend the capabilities of the existing Players which come as standard with Reason. Chordbank allows you to build up complex banks of 24 chords and scales in any key, with each chord then automatically converting itself to a full-sized scale of the chord notes.

Using the elegant "Quick Learn" function will allow you to set up hugely complex arrangement possibilities, quite literally in seconds, with as little Qwerty/GUI interaction as possible - in fact, almost all functionality is available via the MIDI controller keyboard.

Unique to the RE format is the ability to store the individual velocities to be replayed - we haven't found any "chord theory" type devices in any other plugin formats that can do this, actually (out of curiosity, if you know of any please tell us). The ability to store chords with a preset velocity, or to trigger the velocity as per the input MIDI are also present. All notes and velocities are available for editing in the bank, of course.

Also unique to the RE format (and again probably everywhere else :) ) are the flexible options for triggering chords and scale notes. Each patch can hold a maximum of 24 chords and their matched scales, but these can be reassigned. So if you want the chords in banks 10, 17 and 19 to link to the scale held by bank 7, while chord 7 is linked to scale 1, it can be done and is quick and easy to set up. In fact, every action in Chordbank has been designed to require the minimal number of user gestures for set-up.

There is a scale only mode which maps scales to their relative positions on the MIDI keys, but the Chord modes operate on a one-key-per-note basis, meaning there are no redundant keys, and so jamming around with little knowledge of music theory is more intuitive and REALLY good fun.


Product details


Input - Play MIDI in to store chords and automatically create scales. These can also be "edited in" via the display if absolutely necessary.

Chords & Scales Linked - This output mode holds chords on C1-B2 with C3 and above playing the scale as per the most recently triggered chord.

Scales Only - This output mode maps the scale in the same way that it is done in many other devices including Propellerheads own Scales and Chords. Remixing and reworking older project files may suit this mapping type better.

Chords & Scales Split - This output mode holds chords on C1-B2 with C3 and above playing the scale which is currently in focus.

Quick Learn - Controls the input mode to allow fast entry of chords and scales. Makes it possible to take data from existing patches in devices such as Scales and Chords extremely quickly. Improves usability when pasting or randomizing chords.

Mute Chord Triggering - Allows changing scales from the MIDI keyboard without triggering the underlying chord.

Range Split C3 & Above - Not all scales are the same size, and the number of notes used over 127 MIDI note numbers can vary from 10 through to 88. This function optimizes the patches globally.

Flexible Velocity Handling

As Stored - Outputs note velocities according to the individual bank.

Through - Outputs note velocities according to the MIDI input.

Override - Outputs note velocities according to a preset value. This value is Remoteable, automatable and controllable via CV. The whole device can thus be used just to control input velocities if so desired.


Random - Generates a random chord, using an intelligent algorithm which produces slightly more "middle" notes than extreme highs and lows.

Random Size - Controls the number of random notes produced.

Copy/Paste - Not sure what these do, actually. :D

Clear - Resets any individual bank. Also available for individual notes in the editing display.

Individual Note & Velocity editing - Allows tweaking of individual notes and velocities in the patch.

Store Button - A requirement for patch and document storage, which will illuminate in an obtrusive bright red to alert the user when it needs to be clicked.

Global Transpose

6-octave transposition range - 3 up, 3 down

Pad Triggering

There are 24 pads on the front panel with appropriately large hit boundaries, so if you don't have a MIDI keyboard then you can still jam along easily.

Scale Assignment

Each chord has the ability to be linked with a scale other than it's own.

CV Connections

Standard Note/Gate Triggering - Connect a Matrix or similar for triggering outputs as per the mode.

Velocity Override - Standard CV control of the Velocity Override function.

Chordbank Scale Chain - Allows direct syncing of two or more separate Chordbank devices so that they can change scales at the same time from a single gesture. This assists more adventurous Player chains greatly and in particular where there is a degree of randomization introduced in realtime by another player, such as Note Alter.


All reasonably requestable "Western" compatible scales i.e. equal temperament, are included (42 in total), with each available in two formats, one with each chord holding its own scale and one with all chords set to the underlying scale. Combined with Global Transpose, this allows for over 500 basic sets in each format. A small batch of song patches and utilities are also included.


1.0.1 - Minor bug fix when using Paste in conjunction with Quick Learn. 1.0.2 - Minor bug fix where Velocity Override was sometimes off by 1 when storing. 1.5 - Major update, see "What's new in 1.5" 1.5.1 - Fixed the CV bug for Velocities. 1.5.3 - Final GUI fixes. Scale Transpose bug fixed when using Scale Presets. 1.6 - Scale Transpose range widened. Now runs from --C to C+.



Released: 2020-01-15
Version: 1.6.0