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Elements DS-LFO

Dual Stereo LFO

AirRaid Audio

  • • CV generator with stereo outputs


  • Sexier back panel design with a clearer layout for easier cabling.
  • Various minor tweaks and bug fixes.

DS-LFO (Dual Stereo Low Frequency Oscillator) is a versatile CV generator which integrates seamlessly into our Elements modular series. It combines two stereo LFO units with global LFO mix controls, and far-too-many CV outputs. CV outputs are present as pairs (L/R), and can be connected the other devices in our Elements series for exclusive stereo CV modulation.

Typical applications include: Classic modulation effects; stereo CV modulation effects (exclusively with Elements devices); organic, evolving parameter drifts; frantic, frenetic chaos.

DS-LFO is available for FREE, or as part of our Elements bundle.

Product details


At the heart of DS-LFO are 2 stereo LFO units, which can be merged together via a pair of global stereo CV outputs, for a total of 12 outputs. Each LFO offers multiple shapes in addition to Sync, Phase, Offset, Spin, Amp and Freq controls. This highly tweakable multi-LFO system creates near endless modulation possibilities, from gentle shimmers, to frantic, frenetic chaos.

And best of all, it’s FREE.

To utilise DS-LFOs full potential, it is recommended to combine it with the other devices from our Elements series, which accept stereo CV input.


In line with the modular philosophy of our Elements series, DS-LFO features CV inputs on all of its primary controls, which, when hooked up to an external LFO unit, provide additional, fully customisable modulation. In addition, it is possible to hook up DS-LFO’s on-board generators to each other via their rear CV sockets, thus furthering the potential for wild and evolving CV signals.


Elements is a series of mini devices derived from our Triad Multiband series. Each device has been carefully crafted to isolate and enhance specific “elements” of Triad, and integrate together modularly, through stereo CV modulation and slick, unified design.

Used either as standalone devices or as part of a modular or multiband setup, each Element is an exceptionally creative tool for sound designers and musicians alike.

Whether you're after wild and wicked sounds or a fresh array of bread-and-butter micro effects, Elements are simple yet versatile enough to become a staple in any Reason-head's arsenal.

They are, after all, elementary.

User manual (PDF): DS-LFO Operation Manual



Released: 2016-10-17
Version: 1.1.0