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Forgotten Convolver

Forgotten Convolver

Forgotten Clank Studios

  • • Custom filters
  • • Digital and analogue module
  • • Modulation parameters

BEFORE UPDATING: The CV inputs have been changed so that they make use of the full CV range. If you’ve used the CV inputs you need to set the trim knob to half the value it currently is to make it sound the way it did in v1.0.x.

Enter a new world of sounds by designing your own, custom filters! Sounds hards? It isn’t. Whether you fancy drawing in an impulse response in the digital module or adding elements to your heart’s content in the analogue module, the Forgotten Convolver has got you covered with intuitive and few controls. But don’t let the simplicity fool you! The Forgotten Convolver is flexible like no other filter, being able to create anything from linear phase lowpass filters to custom phasers.

Got the basics down? Dive deeper into the theory and build filters tailored to your needs - it is all possible.

Let the Forgotten Convolver’s beautiful interface inspire you and show you a realm of sounds you haven’t even dreamt of.

What’s new in v1.1?

  • Updated sound engine of the analogue module (fixed crashes, clicking and sudden volume jumps) + smoother automation
  • Frequency response is now correctly calculated in the analogue module
  • Fixed small error in the frequency response calculation
  • extended CV range (set trim knob to half the value for old patches to get the same result)
  • Hotkeys are now listed on the back of the rack
  • Resetting individual samples in the digital module is now done with Ctrl/Cmd to be in line with Reason’s control scheme
  • Slightly updated visuals
Mac OS compatible Windows compatible