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GSX Graphic Shaper/Effects

Beat Transformer

Sononics Audio, LLC

  • • Routing, Multiband Shaping, Pattern Delay & FX.
  • • New lower price!!!

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The GSX is an audio effect Rack Extension that combines audio routing, multiband crossover/equalization, transient shaping, pattern delay and audio effects such as resonant filters, distortion, noise-replacement, FM and stuttering. It can be used with just about any sound source but it really shines when it is used with drums and percussive instruments. Using the GSX with just a single drum loop unleashes a new world of sonic possibilities.

Product details

GSX 1.0 Users Guide

Performance Section:

  • All performance features are triggerable via GUI buttons, MIDI (including automation) or CV-input.
  • Bank-switching between audio transform groups A/B/C/D, including a Bypass mode that passes the original audio material through unprocessed.
  • Tape-stop (pitch-drop) with variable stop and re-start times (20ms to 2 seconds).
  • Mute-stop.
  • Stutter effect on quarter, quarter-triplet, eighth, eighth-triplet, sixteenth, sixteenth-triplet, thirty-second, thirty-second-triplet. Stuttering is a multi-band effect. Each band’s stutter-type is user-selectable in the Modifiers panel.
  • Bank-switching can be tempo-synced on sixteenths, eighth-triplets, quarters (beats) or whole-notes (bars).
  • Stuttering can be tempo-synced on quarters (beats) or triggered in “free” mode, which is dependent on current stutter key (e.g. quarter, sixteenth, thirty-second, etc.)
  • Bank Latch mode holds last bank until changed by the user. Unlatched mode reverts to Bypassed when no key is held.

Modifiers Panel:

  • Graphic-EQ/Crossover with 1-5 frequency bands (user-defined). When configured for two or more bands, the crossover frequency for the bass band is configurable (50Hz-250Hz). The remaining bands are divided equally on a logarithmic scale (similar to a graphic EQ). Modifiers and effects on each frequency band (per-bank A/B/C/D):
  • Transient shaper with Attack and Decay controls.
  • Gain control.
  • Pattern delay with 13 patterns (various sixteenth, eighth, eighth-triplet and quarter-triplet patterns).
  • Seven stutter types (Normal, Bypass, Silent, 2X, 4X, 8X and Scratch) used with performance section stutter controls. A global Chirp-amount control adds a band-limited electronic click or chirp-tone to audio that is stuttering in the Normal, 2X, 4X or 8X stutter mode.
  • 13 Effects type (Mod-wheel Filter, Inverse Mod-wheel Filter, Saw LFO Filter, Inverse Saw LFO Filter, Triangle LFO Filter, Inverse Triangle LFO Filter, Envelope-follow Filter, Inverse Envelope-follow Filter, FM, Saturation, Noise, Scratch and External Effects Insert. All internal effects have variable resonance/tone control.
  • LFO selectable- sync (sixteenth, eighth-triplet, eighth, quarter-triplet, quarter, half, whole, 2-whole).

Master Section:

  • Main Volume (-infinity to +12dB).
  • Peak Limiter with variable Ceiling control (-12dB to 0dB).
  • Analog-style master/output VU Meter with gain-reduction (GR) mode that can be used when the limiter is engaged.

Back Panel:

  • Stereo Audio Inputs: Main/A is routed to ALL banks (A/B/C/D) by default. Override-inputs B/C/D override the Main input and supply material to the associated bank.
  • Stereo Main Audio Output.
  • Graphic-band Effects Inserts allow external effects to be patched into individual graphic-bands on actively-playing banks whose FX-Type is set to EXTERNAL.
  • Bank Effects Inserts allow external effects to be patched into any actively-playing bank (A/B/C/D).
  • Main Effects Inserts allow external effects processing on the final signal before output.
  • CV-Inputs (Note/Gate) for triggering bank-switching, tape-stop/mute and stuttering from an external device such as Reason’s Matrix. Pitch-bend and Mod-wheel inputs (overrides MIDI) are also provided for external modulation.



Released: 2014-06-02
Version: 1.0.0