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Quad Evolving Synth

DNA Labs

  • • 4.47gb Sound Bank w/ 1015 Factory Presets
  • • Real & Synthesized Instruments
  • • Unique Helium & Evolving Fx

Audio examples

Welcome to the unique world of the Helium 2 Quad Evolving Synthesizer… Equipped with a gigantic 4.47gb sound bank of sonic ammunition! Helium 2 includes tons of powerful 808 subs, kicks, snares, claps, closed hihats, open hihats, cymbals, poly synths, ever changing pads, digital bells, quality string sections, beautiful pianos, giant cinematic brass, demonic choir synths, guitars, futuristic gated synths, and evolving pitch shifting sounds. With both industry ready orchestral instruments and high quality synthesized instruments, the Helium 2 Synthesizer RE combines the power of an eye pleasing GUI with a unique futuristic quad evolving crossfade sound engine & unique pitch morphing Helium Fx processing engine. Helium 2 Synthesizer is a modern rack extension for producers of all genres ranging from trap, hip hop, house, & all electronic dance music to dramatic & realistic orchestral scoring!

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible