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Melodic Inverter

Melodic Inverter

Enlightenspeed Ltd

  • • Automatically performs Melodic/Chromatic Inversion
  • • Works on mono/polyphonic material
  • • User driven feature set - see main panel.
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Introductory price while feature set is finalised!

The World's first melodic inversion plugin!!! (Well, it's the first that ever made it out of the hard drive realms of the CSound madmen!!! :D - as per usual, if anybody knows of anyone else that has done this then please tell us :) )

Uhm, so what is this 'melodic inversion' we speak of?

Well, watch this:

For a deeper understanding (or maybe just a headache), read this:

We said "that'll be easy enough to do as a plugin", and hey presto, here we are! Regarded by musical theory experts as one of the most advanced and untapped musical tricks available to the composers of today, the technique of melodic (or) chromatic inversion has been big news among classical composers for over half a millennia! 

Unlike the centuries-old classical technique, however, the Melodic Inverter has been built to work on both monophonic and polyphonic material but note that the effects of higher polyphony can be quite random, so basic melodies might make life easier, at first.

You can throw caution to the wind though if you already have a desired set of keys and scales in mind, as you can just run the results through Chordbank, and voila! Alternatively, why not run it through Note Humanizer for a few loops? What will happen is that the timing differences will yield different results on each pass when it finds chords, so you effectively get different inversions on each pass up. As with all Player devices, Direct Record is the way to go :) 

The output is stunning! Simply throw in a few bars of that old thing you've worked on but didn't know where to take it, and get a whole new lease of life in variations that make "musimathical" sense! All added up, this is an incredible tool for fleshing out and rearranging existing compositions, and also a really powerful way to give remixes a new direction - and with virtually no effort required :D

Product details

It couldn't be simpler, insert it in your Player chain, and you're done!

There are no advanced controls just yet, because we wish not to overdo it on the first run of features and then find out everyone wanted different features, which are then impossible to implement later because the device has already gone in a different direction. And as this is the first publicly available plugin to do this devastatingly effective melodic trick, then it's still very open regarding features.

So we have kept it as a blank plate for now, with just the underlying functionality, and we challenge YOU to challenge us - tell us what features you would want with this device and we will work out which set of features to build. We already have a few, but it helps to leave them unimplemented until the final design gets closer. As a hint though, keep in mind that we don't see the standard set of note control and velocity control features that are present in the Loopcracker Suite's line processors as being particularly appropriate for this device.

Have fun! To let us know about a particular feature suggestion, just log in to ReasonTalk and send a PM to Enlightenspeed. Anyone who gives us an idea that gets used will, of course, be in the position to receive "free stuff" :)

Change Log

1.0.1 - Fixed the mode, was working in an experimental mode rather than the advertised one!!!



Released: 2020-01-30
Version: 1.0.1