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Meteora Sample Based Rompler

Synth / Drum module


  • • Sounds of well known hardware synthesizers
  • • 6 Instrument lines, 16 Hi-Q Impulses, 12 Filters
  • • Drum Sounds include

Audio examples

Turn2on Meteora is a sample based instrument for Reason, its Synth/Drum module. Meteora has quality elements created with well known hardware synthesizers. These elements are presented as instrument lines. All these lines have a FILTER section. You can mix them and change the sound with the FX-Board section. With Meteora you can build any kind of instruments, such as leads, bass, pads, beats and much more.

All You need with Meteora is a little time to experiment with sound. In the Convolution section we use 10 impulses. Quality Impulses emulate a few presets from well known hardware fx-processors. So, why did we call our rompler “Meteora”? It gives very quick results.

Meteora Manual [PDF]

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible