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Pearls - Euclidean Collision Sequencer

Creative Player


  • • Based on Euclidean Rhythms
  • • Independent sequences for note features
  • • Sequencer and Arpeggiator

Audio examples

Pearls is a player type Rack Extension for Reason that incorporates a Euclidean rhythm generator, sequencer, and note mapping functionality.
The rhythm generator utilizes Euclidean rhythms and offers options for random exchanges between empty steps and steps with events. Additionally, it allows for the interaction of two Euclidean rhythms.
The sequencer operates independently and provides unique features for notes, velocities, note length, and note selection.
The note mapping can be configured as a general sequencer mode or an arpeggio mode, enabling the assignment of musical notes to each lane of the sequencer.
Overall, Pearls offers a diverse range of creative options for generating and sequencing rhythms and notes.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible