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Drawbar Synth+Effects

Sononics Audio, LLC

  • • Vintage Organs, Synths, Speakers and Rack FX.
  • • New lower price!!!

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Revival is the RE-imagined, “neo-classic” instrument that combines the power of modern synthesis with the warmth and grit of vintage organs. Drawbar additive-synthesis, harmonic modifiers and vintage effects combine to create an instrument that spans multiple genres with an incredible sonic palette and outstanding playability.

Did you know Revival's full-featured effects section can be used on any track? Try our warm analog preamps, vintage phasers, mod-filters, modeled speaker cabinets, rotary speakers and incredible reverbs on any track in your mix - or - use it live with your guitars, bass, vocals or keyboards!!! Just plug in on the back panel!

Product details

Revival Version 1.0.0

User Guide:

*All music and sound samples created by Sononics use only Revival devices (with the exception of drums - courtesy of Dr. Octo Rex). No other Reason instruments or effects were used. User-supplied samples may include other devices.

Factory Patches:

250+ factory-preset patches, plus another 100 sound-design starter patches.


16-voice polyphony (with another 16 transition-voices).

Four drawbar sections control the tone of each part of a note's evolution (attack/onset, sustained/held, released). The sustained portion is made up of two layers (primary and secondary), which can be mixed and/or crossfaded.

Drawbars and wave-sets determine the basic tone of a Revival patch. Modifiers can then be used to create more complex textures. An envelope section provides control of the patch's basic dynamics.

Wave-sets (17 types) are used with drawbars to create an enormous variety of base-textures.

Several tuning and voicing overlay options are available to emulate classic instruments such as the Hammond B3 organ. There is also variable key-click with six alternate click-tones.

Harmonic Modifiers:

Harmonic modifiers can dramatically alter the tone of the drawbar components. The 14 modifier types include: Stepped FM, Continuous FM, +1 Octave Stepped and Continuous FM, Dirty FM, Filthy FM, Low pass Filters (12/24/36 dB/Octave), High pass Filters (12/24/36 dB/Octave), Band pass Filter (12dB/Octave), Simple Gainer.

All modifier types have a variable cutoff/color control. Modifiers can be animated (modulated) with preset envelope shapes. Each modifier also includes note and velocity scaling controls.

Modifiers are assigned to drawbars with a matrix of LED switches, creating an almost limitless range of sound-design possibilities.

Built-in Effects Rack:

Tube and transistor-modeled preamps (6 models) with drive and tone controls. Preamp/effects signal-chain order is switchable.

Vintage stereo phaser (3 models) with built-in LFO.

Multi-mode mod-filter (11 types) with variable resonance and built-in LFO that can be synced to the project tempo.

Speaker/cabinet-emulation (15 types) includes classic rotary speakers with alternate miking, pan control, balance and air controls.

Rich, high-density reverb/plate/room-simulator (9 types) with variable reverb-time, pre-delay and left/right stage-position (room-types only).

Rack-delay module (7 echo configurations) with feedback and high-frequency control.

Master limiter with variable threshold (ceiling) to manage rogue peaks and maximize perceived level.

Revival's effects can be used with external devices by patching them into the back panel's stereo audio input .

External Modulation :

MIDI and external modulation (CV-Input) can be scaled and mapped to Portamento, Vibrato Depth, Tremolo Depth, Attack Enable Switch, Vibrato/Tremolo Enable Switch, Preamp Drive, Preamp Swell, Mod-Filter Frequency, Mod-Filter LFO Rate, Speaker/Mic Pan, Rotary Speaker Brake, Rotary Speaker Speed, Primary/Secondary Crossfader & Primary/Secondary Auto-Crossfade Rate.



Released: 2013-07-26
Version: 1.0.0