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SB Filter Pattern

Sugar Bytes

Audio examples

The Filter Pattern is an animated Filter Effect that provides lots of preset patterns with awesome filter movements. Filters types are switches and filters are modulated while patterns can be varied at any time. Save some cables with this effect while creating stunning sound mutations with just a few knobs!

Product details

The Filter Pattern Effect adds pre-defined Filter Patterns to the audio signal in which filter settings run through a sequence.

The Pattern Parameter enables you to choose from 25 different patterns, each with 10 variations.

The Resonance Parameter controls the Q Factor.

When in centre position the Sweepspeed Parameter will set the filter sweep to complete once. Turned anti-clockwise the speed of the sweep is reduced so it will only partially complete. Turned clockwise the sweep will accelerate and complete more than one cycle. In this situation the option setting dictates what happens to the sweep, either being repeated “Repeat”, passed forward and backwards alternately “Ping Pong” or synced to the host clock “Synced”.

The Sweeprange Parameter defines the range of the frequency sweep.




Released: 2012-08-17
Version: 1.0.5