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Softube Valley People Dyna-Mite

Swiss army knife.


  • • Swiss army knife limiter/expander

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A secret weapon to some—a hidden treasure to the rest. Squash drums, get a snappy bassline, enhance track dynamics, duck, gate, key or de-ess—the Valley People Dyna-mite is a Swiss army knife limiter/expander design with unique character that inspires to new sounds.

Valley People Dyna-mite was designed in the 80's and features a limit mode, an expander mode, a gate mode, a de-esser mode and on top of that, two sidechain modes that let you duck or follow a track. All the options breathe of the Dyna-mite's very special vibe and flavor.

Product details

The Dyna-mite’s usefulness goes way beyond the snappy and aggressive compression it is mostly known and loved for. True enough—used as a limiter, with its detector set to Average, it will make you blink involuntarily at every drum hit you send through it. Switch over to the Peak setting, and you will find that Dyna-mite is the Hannibal Lector of limiters—it will show no mercy as it bludgeons your tracks into submission.

But it can also be used as a highly versatile expander or a full on gate. Even in this day and age of digital recording with all its editing possibilities, a nice expander is still a very useful tool, for example to control microphone bleed in a natural manner but also to shif the internal balance between sound sources in a loop. And a good gate still saves tons of time from editing and can be used to shorten your sounds in a cool manner.

The Dyna-mite can be keyed from an external sidechain, which gives a lot of interesting possibilities, both when set to Limit or to Expand. Nowadays, the Dyna-mite has a reputation not only as a problem solver but also as a creative tool that can really influence your sound in a unique way.

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Released: 2014-04-16
Version: 1.3.15