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Spectre Spectral Delay

Spectral Delay

AirRaid Audio

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Spectre is Reason’s first spectral delay. Built on a robust FFT engine, it features 48 groups of frequency bands, each with its own Delay Time and Delay Feedback controls; 6 macro controls; a freely-assignable Envelope Follower; stereo CV inputs (compatible with Elements DS-LFO); and a host of never-before-seen features such as “Delay Smear”, “Spectrum Wrap” and recursive FFT frequency shifting.

While technically a delay, Spectre is a truly unique device, and the new go-to for otherworldly special effects.

Product details


Spectral delays are effect units which use Fast Fourier Transforms (FFTs) to split the incoming audio signal into hundreds or thousands of frequency bands, before applying individual delays to each one. Typically, this creates a unique, characteristic effect which sounds like a sci-fi infused blend of filtering, delaying and frequency shifting, all blurred into one. Think The Matrix Vs. Transformers, on acid.

With Spectre, we are bringing this type of effect to Reason for the first time ever.


Spectre features 512 frequency bands conveniently grouped into 48 lots, and macro-controlled by an array of 6 knobs for instant, hands-on playability and expression. Striking an elegant balance between power and ease-of-use, Spectre’s GUI is simple to navigate, yet comprehensive enough to satisfy even the most demanding of tech-heads. Whether you want to automate, for example, all feedback values in tandem, or micro-adjust the Delay Time of the 37th frequency group of the left audio channel, Spectre has you covered.


As with all AirRaid Audio devices, Spectre includes a range of all-new features that make it truly stand out from the pack. Delay Smear “smears” the delay time across the frequency spectrum, turning any sound you feed it into audio pulp; Spectrum Wrap “wraps” the frequency spectrum around, so that high frequencies that drop off the top end reappear as base notes and vice versa; and Frequency Shift implements FFT-based frequency shifting within the feedback loop.


Spectre features the same dynamic modulation that made our Triad and Elements series so popular. With Spectre’s on-board envelope follower, which is freely assignable to up to 6 parameters, you have full access to the depth and feel of the modulation.

Combined with our powerful FFT spectral delay engine, the potential for audio wizardry is essentially limitless.


In line with the modular philosophy of our Elements series, Spectre features stereo CV inputs on all its primary controls, which when hooked up to our DS-LFO device (available separately for FREE), provide additional, fully customisable stereo modulation.

This is an exclusive implementation which truly embraces Reason’s modular concept and allows for effects which were impossible... until now.


  • Frequency-specific delay times and feedback levels
  • Shimmering, glassy reverb-like effects
  • Intricate, buzzy drone effects
  • Modulated granular delay time-shifting
  • Simultaneous spectral and granular sound mangling for unbridled chaos and mayhem
  • Arpeggiated FFT-based frequency shifting within the feedback loop
  • Stereo-based CV modulation (fully compatible with our FREE Elements DS-LFO Rack Extension)



Released: 2016-06-15
Version: 1.0.0