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May Madness 2024 // 15-27 May
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Umpf Retro Beats

Old school beats

Reason Studios

  • • 750 samples + 100 kit presets
  • • Old school processing effects
  • • Powerful sampling capabilities

Audio examples

Please note that this Rack Extension requires Reason 10.1 or higher.

Umpf Retro Beats is an innovative drum machine packed with everything you need to make bangin’ old-school beats in Reason. Quickly create 80s, Retro Pop and Synthwave style beats using samples from the dopest drum machines of the 80s and 90s. Loaded with fresh sounds, legit effects and radical editing tools, Retro Beats is the illest beat creation device ever.

Create throwback bangers with Retro Beat’s massive library of 750 sounds sampled from classic drum machines—or load your own samples and tweak them to perfection using the intuitive dynamic waveform display. Chop and screw beats using the powerful Modulation Matrix, packed with filters, LFOs and envelopes to transform your tracks. Retro Beats combines an intuitive interface with powerful editing tools to make creating old-school beats faster, easier and more fun than ever.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible