Help us test Reason 8.3!

Reason and Reason Essentials 8.3 will be released in a couple of weeks. You can help us by downloading it, and taking the new features out for a spin:

RV7000 mkII
Explore creative reverb sounds with RV7000 mkII! The new version of Reason’s cornerstone reverb effect turns RV7000 into a fully featured convolution reverb. Create your own otherworldly reverb effects by sampling or loading your own impulse responses. A selection of impulse responses will be made available later during the testing.

What to test:

  • Load samples in various ways, including drag and drop. You should be able to use any kind of sample.
  • Does everything sound OK?
  • Save and load RV7000 patches, combi patches and songs (note that 8.3 songs will not open in previous Reason versions!)

Known issues:

  • Preset 2 and 3 are currently empty. Check in again in later versions! 

Browse where you are
Call up Reason’s browser from where you work! The new browser introduced in Reason 8 offers a vastly improved workflow, but was previously only accessible from the main window. After feedback from users who use Reason with the rack in a detached window, you can now access the browser there as well.

What to test:

  • Use the browser extensively with a detached rack window.
  • Test browse focus together with detaching/attaching the rack.
  • Make browser settings, save and load songs. Are all settings restored as expected?

Quick Zoom
Move quickly from birds-eye view to close-up. Hit the Z key to zoom to your selection and hit Z again to zoom back out. This is a real time saver when editing and arranging!

What to test:

  • Zoom to Selection button (below track list) + Z key.
  • This functions zooms in horizontally on the selection, or zooms out to "show all" (if nothing is selected or you have already zoomed in on the selection).
  • Test selected clips in Arrange and Edit mode, selected notes, selected automation points, etc.

Set MIDI focus from the rack
Some Reason users spend most of their creative work in the rack view. Now you can select what device receives your master MIDI controller input directly from the rack, without having to go to the sequencer.

What to test:

  • A selected device in the rack gets a tab with a button. Clicking this sets MKI (Master Keyboard Input) to this device. This is the same as clicking on the corresponding track in the track list.
  • If the device has no track, setting MKI in the rack will automatically create one.

Adjust static value in Arrange mode
When you open an automation clip for editing in Arrange mode, the static value for the parameter is now available in the track list. This means you don't have to go to Edit mode to adjust this.

What to test:

  • Test automated parameters on native devices and REs
  • Do all text labels show properly?
  • Does the static value setting behave as expected?

Fixlist d88 -> d90 (and Essentials d53 -> d55):

  • Case 323827: RV7000 MKII: PreDelay changes the impulse response

Download and install

You will need a Reason or Reason Essentials 8 license to autorize the test builds. If you don't have one, you can still test in Demo Mode. The programs are fully functional, except you can't open songs, and you won't have access to your REs.

There is now both a optimized(non-logging) version and a logging version with debug checks enabled. Please test with the non-logging version, it should be as fast as the normal Reason/Essentials 8.2 release.

If you find any bugs/issues with the non-logging version, then send us an e-mail to report it. After that, please install and run the logging version and try to reproduce the same issue to get log files.

Download the non-logging(full speed) builds here:

Reason 8.3d90 non-logging(full speed) for Windows

Reason 8.3d90 non-logging(full speed) for Mac


Reason Essentials 8.3d55 non-logging(full speed) for Windows

Reason Essentials 8.3d55 non-logging(full speed) for Mac


Download the logging builds here:

Reason 8.3d90 logging for Windows

Reason 8.3d90 logging for Mac


Reason Essentials 8.3d55 logging for Windows

Reason Essentials 8.3d55 logging for Mac

These builds will not affect your current Reason installation, and will update independently (they belong to another auto-update "channel"). They contain extra logging and fault-checking code, which makes them more CPU-heavy than the release version of Reason.

HEADS UP: Do not use these test builds on songs you care about, as saving the songs might make them impossible to open in your current Reason installation.

Fixlist d82 -> d88 (and Essentials d50 -> d53):

  • Case 323136: Negative values in usage stats
  • Case 273287: "Use Track Color" menu item sometimes checked, sometimes not when selecting multiple clips
  • Case 323259: Info fold arrow causes stuck blue line
  • Case 323737: Crash when Remote "Select Next Patch for Target Device" or "Select Previous Patch for Target Device" event received
  • Assert and crash if failed to load stored usage statistics. (8.2 would never send statistics in that case)
  • Added a "Device Version" remotable item to RV7000. Special case for control surfaces that want to know if convolution is available, etc.

Fixlist d78 -> d82 (and Essentials d46 -> d50):

  • New authorizer 2.8.1d3 (better disk full handling)
  • RV7000: Fixed three minor Remote output bugs
  • Case 321677: Essentials: can't drop NN19 patches on NNXT
  • Case 322966: After the info panel is folded the browser scrollbar does not disappear
  • Case 322921: Tool Window: Weird German localization for "Extract Notes to Lanes"...

Fixlist d72 -> d78 (and Essentials d43 -> d46):

  • Feature: Added a fold button
  • Feature: RV7000: Added final presets
  • Case 322641: Auto Update does not work (Windows installer now requires channel.phat next to installer)
  • Case 322873: Loading Midi and replacing ID8 with RE causes crash
  • Case 317469: Reason 8.2 OS X Yosemite Reason fails to start after upgrading from 8.1 to 8.2
  • Case 322921: Tool Window: Weird German localization for "Extract Notes to Lanes"...
  • Case 319652: Reason 8.2 10.9 Mavericks - Add Akai MPK Mini remote to Reason (update)
  • Case 322536: import MIDI files ERROR.
  • Case 322380: Assert problem when adding Korg padKONTROL
  • Case 321617: MKI indicator in rack flickers when receiving MIDI

Fixlist Reason d68->d72 and Essentials d40 -> d43:

  • Case 322414: Bug Report (an assert)
  • Case 322404: Static Value box in Song mode doesn't lose focus after Enter, Pressing Shift+Enter causes "Unknown Exception" alert.
  • Case 322486: Spectrum EQ not linear when measuring white noise
  • Case 322402: Reason 8.3d68 does not launch under OS X 10.11 Developer Beta 1
  • Case 322340; IR recording bug
  • Case 322178: Static value in arrangement: clicking in white area causes boxes to get stuck in active look
  • RV7000: New default patch

Fixed bugs in Reason 8.3d68 and Essentials 8.3d40

  • Remote files for Akai MPK Mini added
  • Removed splashes shown when copying sound banks from DVD
  • Increased horizontal zoom in Edit mode in all template songs
  • In Manual Rec mode, Parameter Automation Rec Enables are no longer turned off when you select another track
  • The template song chosen in the Setup Wizard should be set in the Preferences
  • Mixer scrollbar no longer overlaps the channel strip name labels
  • Replaced "Beta Version" dialog on startup with label in splash
  • Added tool tip for browse/clear button in Browser side panel
  • Audio is now properly clipped to range [-1,1] when dropping to Propellerhead
  • Assert Failure When Browsing Nested Folders Using Kong's NN-Nano Sampler Module
  • Assert on duplicate many clips
  • Authorizer could crash if it tried to start Codemeter service (Mac) and failed
  • Assert on drag and drop of REX file to Dr OctoRex
  • User statistics failed if Codemeter wasn't installed
  • Reason and Authorizer now works with earlier versions of Codemeter (Mac)
  • Fixed a problem using network attached storage in Reason
  • If Music folder was broken, Reason couldn't start (Unknown exception)
  • Corrected text field validation in Drop dialog
  • 3rd party RE patch files didn't show proper icons in Reason Essentials
  • Having subfolders in the DiagnosticReports folder on Mac could cause Reason to crash


Here are the operation manuals as pdf:

Reason 8.3 Operation Manual

Reason Essentials 8.3 Operation Manual

Public testing

This testing is public. Please feel free to share any findings, pics or video. There is a forum to discuss the testing at

Reporting bugs

If you find a bug, please send an email to [email protected], with a description of what the bug is, and a list of steps on how to reproduce it. For example:

Subject: Length parameter does not affect 24bit wav files
    1    Load a 24bit wav file in RV7000 convolution mode (16bit works OK)
    2    Tweak the Length parameter
Expected result: Length is changed in both waveform and audio
Actual result: Waveform is changed, but no difference in the audio

If possible, attach a test song demonstrating the issue. This often is much easier than describing the setup in words.


When the test builds find that Reason has done something bad, they trigger an error message called an assert. Report this as a bug. A folder with log files will be created on your desktop. Please zip this folder and attach it to your bug report.

Thank you!

Last but not least, a big thank you for helping us out and improving Reason!

The Reason team at Propellerhead