Abbey Road Keyboards 1.1 update

The Abbey Road Keyboards 1.1 update brings lots of added material and improvements to the Abbey Road Keyboards ReFill. Free to registered users, it will enhance your Abbey Road experience further!

Download Abbey Road Keyboards ReFill 1.1

Installation: After downloading, expand the zip archive and put the file named "Abbey Road Keyboards.rfl" in your ReFill folder (or your Reason application folder). The new ReFill will be available when you launch Reason.

Note: To download the update, you need to be a registered owner of Abbey Road Keyboards. If you haven't registered your copy yet, please go here to do it.

New content

Abbey Road Keyboards 1.1 contains brings you the following additions to the contents of version Abbey Road Keyboards 1.0:

More presets

Presets were added for various instruments.

More Style Patches

Many new Style Patches were added.

Demo Songs

In the Tracks (rps) folder resides a number of brand new demo songs created especially for this ReFill, featuring the ARK instruments.

Fixes and changes

Abbey Road Keyboards 1.1 also contains a number of adjustments and fixes to bring the ReFill even closer to perfection.

Producer Patches

These patches are created from a producer/mixing engineers perspective and geared towards the mixing situation. These are good sounding patches with the flexibility and neccesary tools at hand to make Abbey Road instruments blend in with the rest of the track. These patches typically contain more mics for flexibility and so are potentially larger than patches in the other categories.

ReWire Templates

ReWire Templates in the form of pre-wired Reason Songs (rns) as well as Combinator patches were added. They reside in their own folder in the root directory of the ReFill and come in handy if you want to route the individual mics to separate channels in your host application.