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Reason 13
Your sound, faster. With an upgraded sequencer, a brand new browser, a redesigned interface, five new devices, and more sounds—Reason 13 is all about your workflow.

Check out what’s new in Reason 13.
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The complete music making softwareReason has everything you need to sound like you. It's a virtual Rack where you wire up instruments and effects to create the sounds you're looking for. You can use it as a plugin or a full-blown DAW with recording, sequencing, mixing, and everything else you’d expect. Fast, fluid, and fun, Reason is all about making music—however you make music.
Inspired by classic hardware, this synth offers thick analog sounds and instantly playable patches. Here Ryan gives you 13 useful tips to get the most out of Polytone.
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COMMUNITYSuperbooth 2024Reason 13’s debut at Superbooth! Check out our highlights, interviews, and the visit from some very special german VIP guests.
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  • “I love Reason so much,
    I almost got a Reason tattoo"
    Producer (Dua Lipa, Lizzo, Chainsmokers)
  • “Reason's expansive capabilities
    have continually amazed me"
    Artist & Producer
  • ”I just really like the
    way Reason works
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Reason was never made for those looking for the standardsReason has always been a labor of love. When we created it over twenty years ago, our goal was to have the best and most exciting music gear right there on our computers.