Reason+ is a music making service including 75+ instruments, devices and effects, weekly Sound Packs and constantly updated music making software.

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Reason+ is a music making service for producers, artists and professional sound designers. You can always find fresh sounds and make them your own, using the 75+ instruments and effects. Make music with Reason+ by plugging it into your favourite music software or by simply using ours.

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Find fresh sounds

You can always find brand new sounds to breathe life into your musical ideas in the Reason+ Companion app. New sound packs from world class sound designers are released every week.

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Make them your own

Every sound in Reason+ is created using combinations of our instruments and effects. You have full access to every knob and can add or remove devices to make it sound like you.

Reason Rack Plugin
Reason Rack Plugin for Logic Pro X
Reason Rack Plugin for Ableton Live
Reason Rack Plugin for Bitwig
Reason Rack Plugin for Studio One
Reason Rack Plugin for Cubase
Reason Rack Plugin for ProTools

Weekly Sound Packs

Sound Packs are like musical building blocks that just sound perfect together. Use them for a burst of inspiration and make your music come alive. Explore all the different packs available in the Reason+ Companion app. We’ve got all your favourite genres and probably some you haven’t even heard of yet

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Legendary instruments and effects

Our 75+ instruments and effects have been used to make countless hits – and countless unique sounds. Subscribe to Reason+ and get access to them all.

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John Hill

I'm always looking for sounds that will inspire a song. Reason+ is a great way to find and explore sounds that push me in new directions.

John Hill, Producer (Rihanna, Khalid, Demi Lovato)
Damian Kulash

What matters with musical tools isn't what’s technically possible with them, but what they lead you to discover. That’s the genius of Reason: not only are the technical possibilities infinite, but the ecosystem makes it effortless and intuitive to stumble into inspiration. Any direction you reach in, there’s a tool that’s not just powerful, but genuinely musical.

Damian Kulash, Artist (OK GO)

Reason, has always defined my sound. I can proudly say this knowing how it has helped me make a living and shaped my career.

Sango, Artist and Producer (Sango, Bryson Tiller, GoldLink)
Key Wane

People be asking me ‘What sounds do you use?!’ and the sounds in Reason are super crisp. Beyonce, Partition. Ariana Grande, Best Mistake. Drake, All Me. All of these songs are Reason sounds.

Key Wane, Producer (Beyonce, Drake, Ariana Grande)

Reason+ is the dopest way to get inspiration for a new track. Incredible synths and instrument racks!

Jelie, Artist (Kickback Couture)
Bryn Bliska

Reason+ has immensely expanded my production and sound design palette. Reason's instruments and effects are intuitive to use but also massively flexible and powerful.

Bryn Bliska, Producer

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