What is Reason?
Reason is the Rack and the devices. Reason is a plugin and a DAW. Reason is the wires and the workflow. Reason is your musical ideas and your final result.
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THE HEART OF REASON If Reason was a song, the Rack would be the hook. Wire up instruments, effects, and Player MIDI effects to create the sound you're looking for. Or discover something completely new.
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A COMPLETE DAWFrom your first beat to your next album, Reason is the music making software for capturing and exploring your ideas. Easy to get started yet deep as you want it to be, it’s everything you need to sound like you.
PATCHES, PACKS, PATTERNSNo music without sounds. Reason comes with a huge sound bank of more than 30000 patches, loops, and samples that are categorized and tagged for fast exploration. From in style, to out of style, to back in style—Reason’s library consists of over 20 years of world-class sounds.
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MUSICAL MACHINESReason comes jam-packed with a huge collection of unique synthesizers, instruments, samplers, drum machines, audio effects, and much more. Our devices have been lovingly hand-crafted in Sweden since we started in 1994. By music makers, for music makers.
Join the reason gang!Whether you’re a producer, music maker or music lover, we have the tools to bring your ideas to life, the freedom to explore, and the flexibility to sound like you.

It’s that philosophy that has led to the loyal #reasongang — musicians all around the world who are pioneers of their sound. Their songs top the charts, flood the dancefloors, and define new genres.
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