The Rack
If Reason was a song, the Rack would be the hook. Wire up instruments, effects, and Player MIDI effects to create the sound you're looking for. Or discover something completely new.
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What is the Rack?The Rack is the core of Reason. Filled to the brim with unique devices, it’s where you set up your dream studio. Just like a real hardware rack, everything is right there ready to be tweaked. Whether you just want to play a great-sounding piano or design a complex generative sound system, the Reason Rack is where the music happens.
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Reason everywhereBring the Rack to your favorite DAW as a VST3, AU, or AAX plugin, or use Reason as standalone music making software. Take the best patches from Reason into Ableton Live, add a rack of instruments to Pro Tools, or expand your channel strips in Logic. However you make music, the Rack’s there for you.
SOUND LIKE YOUStart with an instrument or load up a patch from the thousands included in Reason. Drag in effects to mold your sound. Add a Player MIDI effect to transform your playing or to start new ideas. Experimentation in the Rack is fun and fast—just drop in new stuff and hear what happens.
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FLIP THE RACKScary to some and strangely irresistible to others, the back of Reason’s Rack is where you can go full modular with free routing of audio and control voltage. Control synth filters from envelope followers, pan with LFOs, or split up an audio signal for parallel processing.

Everything is automatically connected for you in a logical top-to-bottom flow, but you’re free to break the rules. Don’t worry if this feels confusing—you can make music in Reason without ever flipping to the back of the Rack. (But we really think you should try it.)
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THE COMBINATORThe most popular device in Reason is one you might not even realize that you’re using. The Combinator combines multiple devices into self-contained patches that are found all throughout Reason’s sound bank and Sound Packs.

Design your own front panel—adding knobs, faders, and buttons to build your own Rack device powered by Reason’s synths and effects. Assign the controls to whatever parameters you want and save your new Combinator for use whenever, wherever.
RACK EXTENSIONSRack Extensions expand Reason with whatever your music needs today. And tomorrow. They’re fully integrated with audio and CV cables, native undo, one browser, and one way to download and update. If a new OS version or architecture rolls around, your Rack Extensions will continue to work. With hundreds of devices available in the Shop, from indie developers to well-known brands, you can always expand your Reason Rack with new gear.
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Nadia Struiwigh
Artist & Producer
”REASON’S expansive capabilities have continually amazed me, allowing me to approach software with a ’hardware’ mindset”