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Reason has always been a labor of love. When we created it over twenty years ago, the idea was to have the best and most exciting music gear right there in our computers.

That’s the path we’ve been on ever since. It’s what made Reason into this fun, experimental mix of instruments, effects, cables, and features that fill the Rack today.

Reason was never made for those looking for the industry standard—it’s made for the explorers, the pioneers, the outsiders whose brains are just wired differently. The music makers that always ask “what if?”

We could brag about all the Reason-loving producers and artists that have spawned new genres, made chart-topping hits, or won Grammys, but we’d rather just talk about how fun it is to make music in Reason—no matter who you are.

  • ReCycle
    ReCycle’s instant success launches Propellerhead, founded by Ernst, Peter and Marcus. ReCycle changes how chopped samples and loops are used in music and its REX format is still an industry standard.
  • ReBirth
    In 1997 the classic TB-303 Roland Bass Line and TR-808 Drum Machine hardware were crucial to electronic music and virtually unattainable. ReBirth puts software versions of these machines onto computers we already had.
  • Reason
    With its virtual cable and modular approach to music making, Reason brings a complete studio of hardware synths, effects and devices into any musician’s reach, creating a new category of software, the instrument host application.
  • Record
    Record introduces audio recording and editing with a large format mixing console and empowers music makers to create complete productions entirely within Reason.
  • Balance
    Balance is a USB bus-powered 2 In 2 Out audio interface. The built-in Clip Safe function could be used together with Reason and Record, to prevent the input signal from clipping.
  • Rack Extensions
    Rack Extensions
    Reason’s virtual Rack becomes a virtual playground of third party “Rack Extension” instruments and effects, expanding Reason from dozens of Rack devices to hundreds.
  • Figure
    The Figure iOS app lets you create beats in a simple and very intuitive way.
  • Take
    The Take iOS app is a vocal recording app, which also included pitch correction and other effects.
  • Players
    Players are “MIDI Effects” that can be used for creating chords, arpeggios, drum beats etc., to use together with the instruments in Reason.
  • Reason Compact
    Reason Compact
    The Reason Compact iOS app lets you create amazing beats and melodies whenever inspiration strikes. Includes the Europa Shapeshifting Synthesizer sound engine, the Monotone Bass Synthesizer and Rytmik drum machine.
  • Reason Rack Plugin
    Reason Rack Plugin
    Reason Rack Plugin is a VST3/AU/AAX plugin version of the Reason Rack, with all its devices and sounds. Reason Rack Plugin is compatible with all major DAWs on the market.