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At Reason Studios we're turning the world's music dreamers into music makers. We've inspired millions of users all over the world to get lost in the fun of serious music making, from making their first beats to producing their next hit song. Whether you want to use Reason as a plugin or a DAW, we've got you covered.

Our history



ReCycle’s instant success launches Propellerhead, founded by Ernst, Peter and Marcus. ReCycle changes how chopped samples and loops are used in music and is still and industry standard across DAWs.



In 1997 the classic TB-303 Roland Bass Line and TR-808 Drum Machine hardware was crucial to electronic music and virtually unattainable. ReBirth puts software versions of these machines onto computers we already had.



With its virtual cable and modular approach to music making, Reason brings a complete studio of hardware synths, effects and devices into any musician’s reach, creating a new category of software, the instrument host application.



Record introduces audio recording and editing with a large format mixing console and empowers music makers to create complete productions entirely within Reason.


Rack Extensions

Reason’s virtual Rack becomes a virtual playground of third party “Rack Extension” instruments and effects, expanding Reason from dozens of Rack devices to hundreds.


Mobile Apps

Reason’s sound comes to mobile devices with uncompromising quality but a radically reimagined way of making music to meet phone form-factors and early musical explorers.


Reason Studios & Reason Rack Plugin

Propellerhead rebrands as Reason Studios, unifying its brand around Reason. Returning to our roots as a leading creative instrument and effect developer, Reason runs as a native plugin in any host software. Reason is everywhere.



Reason Studios launches Reason+, a music making service including 75+ instruments, devices and effects, weekly Sound Packs and constantly updated music making software.

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