Record + Reason FX Soundbank

As a bonus for our beloved, dedicated Reason users we have put together a special sound bank for Record containing a number of effects patches that makes use of many of the devices in Reason that are not included with Record standalone.

So, for you who have Reason already and just purchased Record, the Record + Reason FX Soundbank offers a collection of insert and send effect patches, such as Auto Panning, Vocoder Effects, EQ Sweeps and many other desirable effects not obtainable in Record alone.

Download Record + Reason FX Soundbank

How to use Record + Reason FX Soundbank

To use the ReFill, just put it side by side with the Record Sound Bank in your Record application folder and it will be accessible from Record's patch browser.

Audio Examples

Vocoder patch example

Tremolo guitar example

Reverse effect example

RecordReasonFXSoundbank 405px