Record Rhythm Supply Expansion

This is a free expansion to the Rhythm Supply documents included on the Record DVD. This expansion contains drum MIDI files for use in Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, R'n'B and Soul to quickly put together a backing track for your song.

The Rhythm Supply is MIDI files customized for Record and the ID-8 Instrument Device. Each of the Rhythm Supply documents include a number of programmed drum tracks in various tempos, each associated with one of the kits in ID-8 for convenience and quick audition.

Download Rhythm Supply Expansion

How to use a groove from a Rhythm Supply document

When you've listened through the Rhythm Supply documents and found a beat that you want to use in one of your songs, just select the track you want to use in the sequencer track list, select "copy track and device" from the Edit menu, and then paste it into the target song.

The associated data, device and channel strip will be copied, so the sound will be exactly the same. You can of course also copy a selection of the clips and paste into your song as well, though in that case the complete signal chain will not be copied, just the MIDI notes.

After pasting the groove into your song, you can change the sound in the ID-8 device to your liking.

Don't forget to check if the ReGroove Mixer is used for the drums. Changing the ReGroove settings will affect the feel of the drums.

Audio Examples


Electronic, Example 1 (Monkey)

Electronic, Example 2 (Sway)

Pop/Rock 1+2, Example 1

Pop/Rock 1+2, Example 1

Urban - Example 1 (Go Get It)

Urban - Example 2 (Bubblin).

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