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Filter Classics

Analogue emulations

Primal Audio I/S

FILTER CLASSICS deliver the unique, iconic sound of the filters from three of the most sought-after vintage synths ever created; the Moog Minimoog, the Roland TB-303, and the Korg MS-20.

Included in this bundle

  • Acid Diode Ladder Filter
    Transistor Filter
    ACID is an analogue-modelled low-pass filter. Based on the characteristic diode ladder filter design from the vintage Roland TB-303 synthesizer, ACID brings the squelchy sound of the original unit...

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  • Ladder Multimode Filter
    Analogue Filter
    LADDER is an analogue modelled multimode filter. Based on the characteristic ladder filter design used in the iconic Minimoog synthesizer, LADDER brings the smooth, organic sound of the original...

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  • PMS-20 Analog HP/LP Filter
    Modelled Analog Filter
    Update: Version 2.0 comes with an extra and completely rewritten model! PMS-20 is an analog-modelled dual high-pass/low-pass filter. Simulating the characteristic Korg-35 filters from the iconic...

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