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Filters Bundle

Huge filter set


  • • Analog & Digital filters collection
  • • Inspired by early synths & modular filters
  • • Famous classic & modern filters

This bundle includes all of the main Turn2on filters.

From the early stage of the first polysynthesizer filters, up to the Classic and Modern series of the analog and digital filters.

Included in this bundle

  • ASVF-212 Analog State-Variable Filter
    State Variable Filter
    A State-Variable Filter is an active filter that uses multiple feedback techniques to produce filter responses (LowPass, BandPass and HighPass) from a single filter with user selection. Classical...

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  • Catalyst MultiMode Filter
    Hybrid Morphing Filter
    CATALYST 2, a new version of the hybrid multi-filter. The main function of the device is centered on the “LP/HP Morphing Filter” section. Here you can customize the LowPass and...

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  • DoubleComb Comb Filter
    DoudbleSide CombFilter
    Introducing a new Comb filter with positive/negative morphing in Rack Extension format. Comb filters usually reshape waveforms, ending up with a signal that resembles a comb shape. Comb...

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  • Isolate-X Frequency Isolator/Remover
    Freq Isolator/Remover
    Frequency Isolator / Remover Utility. Isolate-X is a game changer for many tasks such as cutting any range of frequencies (popular in DJs world) without the use of addition filters or EQs....

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  • TSM 2040z Sub LowPass Filter
    Sub LowPass Filter
    Although named as such, the TSM 2040z Sub LowPass Filter is not a typical Low Pass Filter. Such filters stem from the era of the earliest polyphonic synthesizers. They were designed in parallell...

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  • xLPG VariPass Gate Effect
    Vactrol-based LPG
    Any LPG – is a Low pass gate effect, which can be used to produce various tuned percussion sounds such as a congas, bongos, steel drums, marimba, plucks, etc. LPG processes the original signal...

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