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SmallStorm Phase Shifter

4-Pole Phase Shifter


  • • Inspired by legend phase shifter pedal
  • • Original pedal modifications & new features
  • • Smooth and lush phase-shifting sound

Audio examples

SmallStorm effect is inspired by the classic analog warmth of the SmallStone® pedal effect from EHX™, produced in the ’70s.
SmallStorm phase shifter effect combines original and new features for enhanced control and flexibility in your audio production.

This is a 4-pole phase shifter, known for its smooth and lush phase-shifting sound. Its distinctive swooshing tones provide you with a classic and sought-after effect for achieving rich modulation.

With the added convenience of digital processing, we’ve incorporated new features to enhance your sonic possibilities. We include main modifications available for the original pedal effect, and add some very usable features.

The LFO Sync feature allows you to synchronize the modulation rate to your project’s tempo. This ensures that the phasing effect stays in sync with the rhythm of your music, providing rhythmic precision and creative possibilities.

Control the intensity of the phasing effect with the effect Depth parameter. From subtle modulation to more pronounced sweeps, tailor the depth to suit your musical context.

The Spread control widens the stereo image of the phaser, creating a more expansive and immersive sound. Experiment with different Spread settings to add dimension to your tracks.

The Boost feature adds a touch of gain to the signal, allowing you to boost the phaser effect for added presence and impact. Use it to cut through the mix or for creating dynamic tonal shifts.

Find the perfect balance between the dry and wet signals with the Mix control. From subtle background modulation to intense phasing, dial in the right blend for your desired effect.

Explore enhanced modulation control with the LFO Phase L/R Offset feature. This parameter allows you to adjust the phase relationship between the left and right channels. By offsetting the LFO phase, you can achieve interesting stereo imaging effects and create a more spatially dynamic phasing experience.

Try the SmallStorm phase shifter effect as part of your Reason Rack today.

We hope SmallStone inspires creativity and enhances your musical journey. Enjoy the rich, swirling tones that pay homage to the legendary and modified modern phaser.

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