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PolyRes Resonator

Poly-band Resonator


  • • Early polysynths FX emualtion of Moog™ Resonators
  • • Triple band Resonator emulation
  • • Original HP/LP/BP modes with 24/12/6 dB Slope

Audio examples

POLYRES was inspired by the Resonators section in one of the first polysynths - Polymoog™ synthesizer.

The resonators consist of three parallel filters, globally switchable between HP, LP and BP modes.
Three individual resonant filters are band-limited, each with their own frequency range (LOW 60-300 Hz, MED 300-1500 Hz, HIGH 1500-7500 Hz).
Turning up Emphasis for each band creates individual peaks (resonances), called Resonators.
While the effect sounds interesting, Resonators in the early era of polysyths were 6 db/oct filters that passed too many harmonics, resulting in a buzzy sound, even at maximum resonance. This isn’t very useful for formant sounds because there aren’t any overlapping frequencies between the bands.

POLYRES has the same three resonant filters with Cutoff, Emphasis and Gain controls for Low, Medium and High bands. POLYRES also includes original HighPass, LowPass and BandPass modes.
Plus Slope modes (12 dB/oct or 24 dB/oct) which help incoming signals sound more clear and stable.

POLYRES resonator are an exclusive audio effect, designed in the earliest era of audio processing in the synthesizer industry. Every sound at “The Model” by Kraftwerk makes use of the resonator section of the original synthesizer.

POLYRES audio processor is a 3-band resonant filter system, which reproduces the character of the musical sound used by many musicians and allows you to capture that nostalgic sound of 70s.

Try out this legendary 3-band resonator today.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible