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Phase28 PhaseShifter

Modern Phase Shifter


  • • Classical 2/4 Stage
  • • Up to 6/8 Stages
  • • Sync Mode

Audio examples

Introducing PHASE28, a new phase shifter effect.
The Stages selector gives you control of how many stages from 2 to 8. Use 4 for a classic 4-stage phaser, or 2 stages for subtle shimmer effects. You can increase the stages to 6 or 8 stages for new creative experiments.
Stage models based on the famous orange phaser pedals and legendary phaser - “stone” pedal.

A phaser usually is a free-running effect. In this free-running mode, the phased sound starts at various times every time you hit Play in the sequencer. We added a SYNC mode with sequencer BAR snap. SYNC mode can align the playback position to the start of every bar to synchronize the phased sound.

Do you want high fidelity with shimmering and subtle underwater type tones, or to experiment with 6 or 8 stages?

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Mac OS compatible Windows compatible