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TSM 2040z Sub LowPass Filter

Sub LowPass Filter


  • • Well known vintage sound with modern possibilities
  • • Unique Boosting from the early polysynth filters
  • • Sub-Frequency at Reso peaks, Hybrid & Classic mode

Audio examples

Although named as such, the TSM 2040z Sub LowPass Filter is not a typical Low Pass Filter. Such filters stem from the era of the earliest polyphonic synthesizers. They were designed in parallell to the filters of the monophonic synthesizers, and in the first stages of development produced bass enhancements at high resonance frequencies. However, they lacked gain compensation.
Returning to the beginings of filters, inspired us to create a Sub LP filter.
In TSM 2040z we retained the charm of the low frequency boosting characteristics of some early polysynth filters.
Bass Boost is adjustable up to the +12dB for the selected low frequency. The boosting of sub-frequency can be adjusted within the range 40-160Hz

Signals coming through the TSM2040z Lowpass filter are boosted with sub frequency enhancement.
The Lowpass section of the filter include various modes: Brickwall (which doesn’t have a slope) and Lowpass 12 / 18 / 24 / 30 / 36 / 48 dB/oct slope modes.
The Resonance curve changes the attenuation character of the resonance.
The Crasher can be used to add saturation or distortion as desired to the filtered sound as a filter-destruction effect.
The Limiter can be used to limit overclipping of the filtered signal keeping it warm, fat and soft.
Sub bass on the Resonance is the thing which makes it loveable.
Test the sub frequency boosting power of the TSM 2040z SLP filter for yourself.

Now TSM 2040z includes filter 3 modes:
- Sub LP Filter: Resonance Boost selected low frequency.
- Classic LP Filter: Resonance adjusts the resonant peak to the selected Frequency value. Boost of Low Freq is OFF.
- Hybrid LP Filter: Resonance adjusts the resonant peak to the selected Frequency value and Boost low frequency at the same time.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible