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SubColours Octave Diver

Sub Octave Generator


  • • Octave divider subs not like modern pitch-shifters
  • • Powerful Ringer and Destruction effects
  • • Deep & fat tones octave below the notes you play

Audio examples

Inspired by a 50 year old legendary octave diver effect. Adds sub-octave to inputted signals resulting in warm, fat and synthesized tones.
Device includes classical ringer, powerful screamer, fuzz / distortion destruction effects as well as a limiter, widener and stabilize compressor.

SubColours Octave Diver emulates the Mu-Tron™ Octave Divider pedal. The tone is warm, fat, and a bit synth-like, as opposed to the crisper, more acoustically-accurate transpositions of modern pitch-shift pedals.
It also has a built-in LFO and an audio widening function. Fundamentally, the SubColours Octave Diver is an effect like the original octave divider classic pedal, because you can easily manipulate the sub-tone, but we added more to our device to make it much more useful. Simply add it to any sound to generate a sub-octave signal with gain, compression, limiting and widening.
Use this fx with guitars for warm sub backgrounds. Or use it with any samples to give an added punch and sub-modulation capabilities. Use it with synths to give subtle sounds more thickness and weight. Use it with drums to expand the foundation of the basic source.
 Max Frequency set the maximum input frequency a sub-octave will be generated for. User can choose frequency modes (Free Hz mode or Note selection).

What about the back side of the device? 

It has all CV-inputs that you need. Compressor to control sub frequencies. 

Limiter to limit and Maximize dry or wet signals. Widening to spread your output signal. Destruction to overdrive your sound.
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