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xLPG VariPass Gate Effect

Vactrol-based LPG


  • • LPG known as modular Buchla-Bongo natural decay
  • • Modern Vactrol-based (9 types) LPG / VCF / VCA
  • • 4 Gate modes. AHR Envelope, MultiFilter

Audio examples

Any LPG – is a Low pass gate effect, which can be used to produce various tuned percussion sounds such as a congas, bongos, steel drums, marimba, plucks, etc. LPG processes the original signal using the control trigger signal (which opens the gate). This is a legendary effect known in the modular world as the “Buchla Bongo” sound effect and was a very popular sound-design tool used by the pioneers of electronic music. The effect continues to be used today by modern electronic musicians using Eurorack/Buchla modules. LPG also enables the creation of natural-sounding decays.
xLPG is not just a simple LowPass Gate, it is a VariPass Gate effect which can be used as a Multimode Gate with various filter modes (LowPass Gate, BandPass Gate, HighPass Gate, State-Variable Gate and also Comb Gate effect). This provides an impressive selection of alternatives to classic LPG.

Vactrols (optocouplers) lie at the heart of the LPG and help to create natural sounding decay. xLPG includes 9 internal types of Vactrols, each with their own individual characters.
xLPG can be used as both a simple VCA (amplifier) or as a multimode filter (VCF). Its main use however is as a very unique Vactrol based VariPass effect with 9 custom Vactrol modes.
The envelope section includes additional controls for adjusting Attack, Hold and Release parameters. These can be used to further increase flexibility in forming the processed signal. 

This however is not all, the device includes four Gate modes:

- VPG (VariPass Gate). When the OFFSET knob is set to 0% the gate is fully open. When set to 100% the gate is fully closed. In this mode, as the OFFSET knob is dialed from 0-100%, the filter opens and at the same time the VCA increases the Vactrol processed signal to 0dB.
- MDF (Mid Feedback Gate). This mode works in the same way as the VPG mode, but adds decay feedback when the OFFSET knob is set near to 50%.
- FOG (Full Open Gate). In this mode the device works in an inverse fashion to VPG mode. When the OFFSET knob is set to 0% the gate is fully closed. When set to 100% the gate is fully open. Dialing the OFFSET knob from 0-100% results in a linear increase of the main signal coupled with a corresponding reduction of the Vactrol-processed signal.
- VPGQ (VariPass EQ). This mode adds only EQ charatcers of the Vactrols (not creating decay).
xLPG is a modern effect processor which can be used to create natural sounding rhythmic percussive sounds. Experimenting is highly encouraged.
LPG processes signals only when it recieves an active control signal. This can be done in three ways: Using CV Trigger input (like a real modular), by Sidechain audio input or by the TRIGGER button. The main parameter of the device is the OFFSET knob which controls the Filter, VCA or LPG level. When in BOTH mode both filter and VCA operate at the same time. This is what is usually referred to as a LowPass Gate.
xLPG, however, is more than just a simple LowPass Gate. It is a Varimode Gate effect which includes 9 vactrol models.
This Modern Vari Pass Gate effect is unique and will be a magical and powerful addition to your Reason Rack.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible