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PlateVerb Mechanical Plate Reverb

Plate Reverb Legend


  • • Inspired by EMT™ 140 legend with huge additions
  • • Modern view to studio classic plate reverberation.
  • • Saturation, Dist, AutoPan, Chorus, Env. Follower

Audio examples

PLATEVERB is a modern algorithmic reverb processor, inspired and modeled by the original EMT™ 140 plate reverb legend. Model 140/140s plate reverb was used in hit songs in the 80s and 90s, including today’s studio work.
PLATEVERB presents 3 different plate reverb modes, each with its own character in the original models.
- A40: basic / classic plate with a clear sound, provides a rich and most popular sound. Ideal for vocals and percussion.
- B40: Resonated snare plate with high freq character and resonant peak frequency content. Best to use on a snare drum.
- FAT: Large reverberation, with a highly colored character, includes a smooth top and moderate bass.
But this is not just another 140 Plate reverb variation. This is a modern multi-fx processor, with mechanical plate reverb in the heart of the device.

The main section is the PLATE REVERB section. It includes deep reverberation control with main classical parameters (Pre Delay, Decay, Damping, Mix), Width and Scale of the reverberation, Pitch Modulation and Diffusion parameters, Ducking control with Freeze of the siganl. The Plate Reverb section includes an additional EQ SHAPE section to improve or totally change the character of the processed sound.
PLATEVERB includes an internal Envelope Follower with three types of envelope detection from incoming main signal (Linear, Log, Gate) with controls on the rear panel of the device (Mode, Attack, Release, Threshold). On the front panel you can use the Envelope Follower Modulation Matrix with 5 slots (per effect), each with individual FX parameters.
Also, on the front panel of PLATEVERB placed 4 creative and powerfult effects: Saturator, Distortion Character, Auto-Pan / Tremolo, Chorus.

The unique Saturation effect with Low and High Distortion control, Character Distortion effect with various distortion types, helps you find new creative horizons of your raw signal. Plate Reverb adds the natural character of the legendary EMT™ 140 reverberator with modern possibilities. EQ shape sculpts your reverb stereo field and tone. Autopan/Tremolo and Chorus effects can be a part of the art-therapy after saturator and character distortion damage-effects for your already reverberated signal, help to spread signal with ampliude and Pan changes, adds more voices to your processed unique and amazing reverberation sound.

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