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STRNGFLT String Filter

String Filter


  • • Based on the original legend, Woog String Filter
  • • Flexible control of Freq levels, fixed in original
  • • Acoustic body resonances of a string instrument

Audio examples

STRNGFLT is a modern look to the old and rare classic of early electronic sound design. The original STRING FILTER was designed by R.A. WOOG and produced by the WOOG CUSTOM ENGINEERING Department. This was a second rack module after Dual VCO rack unit.
Original String Filter device is a fixed multi-band filter array controllable by four frequency group switches.
It adds the true acoustic body resonances of a string instrument. Resonant filter arrays replicate the filter formant of acoustic string instruments (cello, viola, violin).

In Keyboard magazine from the 80s, Deep Purple Keyboard player Jon Lord tells how he did a solo album with songs done with a Woog PolyWoog passed through a String Filter.

STRNGFLT audio processor is a 30-band filter array. Device has four band segments with the fixed frequencies of all 30 filters. Each Frequency Level group is controlled by the own knob, that helps to modify the array of this segment.

Frequency offset knob adjust the frequencies of all 30 filters in parallel.
Resonance offset adjusts the bandwidth of all 30 filters. Turning this knob down makes the effect is inaudible (no stringy sound), turning it up way will sound clang and metallic

STRNGFLT is a flexible and modern string filter audio effect, based on the earliest era of audio processing in synthesizer industry. STRNGFLT have flexible control of the frequency group levels and can change all 30 filters frequencies in parallel that had been fixed in original hardware device. Try to automate freq levels, which was not possible with the original string filter.

Try today the legend from the era of early audio processing from the Moogish synthesis world.

STRNGFLT string filter is available in the Reason Studios Add-on Shop (30-days free trial) in Reason or Reason Rack Plugin

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible