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Catalyst MultiMode Filter

Hybrid Morphing Filter


  • • Morph between Psycho-acoustic HP/LP Shelf-Filters
  • • MultiMode filter, Env. Follower, Transient Shaper
  • • Works as Master EQ, includes LFO, EQ-Killer & more

Audio examples

CATALYST 2, a new version of the hybrid multi-filter. The main function of the device is centered on the “LP/HP Morphing Filter” section. Here you can customize the LowPass and HighPass filter parameters individually, using the LP / HP filter morphing with Cutoff. The available independent settings of the LP / HP filter parameters are Resonance, Frequency, and Boost Shelf-filters.

CATALYST 2 include Envelope Follower, that help to create by the Amp level of external signal new modulation curve that affect to the selected filter parameter.

Catalyst 2 is a newer redesigned version of multifilter.

Additional MultiMode filter includes 6 filter types (LP12, LP24, LP BW, BP6, HP12, HP BW). It has an option to be used in PRE / POST / SUM positions around the “Main LP / HP Morphing filter”. In other words, you have a flexible second filter with pre and post-routing.

To change the parameters of the incoming signal, you can use the Swap Channel and Phase Invert functions. CURVE is a Transient Shaper section with Attack and Decay settings. EQ-KILL is a 3-Band function for removing (isolate) Low/Mid/High frequencies.

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Mac OS compatible Windows compatible