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Player Device Bundle

6 Players - 1 Bundle!

Various Developers

  • • Six inspiring player devices
  • • Create patterns, chords, and melodies
  • • Save 50%

Set your creativity free with six inspiring players in the Player Device Bundle. Players are performance devices that add a new dimension to your existing Reason instruments. Whether you’re a trained musician or just starting out, these players can help you achieve new sounds and styles.

Simply drop a player above an instrument in the Reason Rack and select a pattern from the massive collection of presets to generate fresh, new ideas. Or quickly create your own complex rhythms, lush chords and catchy melodies with a few clicks of your mouse.

Save 50% on these powerful performance devices with the Player Device Bundle and unlock ideas you didn’t know you had.

Included in this bundle

  • Chord Detector
    Chord Detecting Player
    Free Update! New in V1.2, the first alternate tool mode, Velocity Monitor, a simple tool that allows for visual and numeric inspection of velocities as MIDI passes through the player. Alternate...

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  • Drum Sequencer
    Rhythm Player
    Drum Sequencer is included free when purchasing Umpf Club Drums Lay down your best beats ever with Drum Sequencer. Add this new Player device to any instrument in Reason and get going with the...

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  • Euclidean Rhythms
    Rhythm Sequencer
    Euclidean Rhythms is an algorithmic rhythm player for Reason. It means that instead of coming up with and playing your rhythm patterns yourself, a rhythm pattern is generated for you according to...

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  • Kompulsion
    Kompulsion Player
    Kompulsion is a Player Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason. It has two major modes of operation. The first mode is the traditional matrix-style sequencer with selectable key and scale. The...

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  • Quad Note Generator
    Player Device
    Unexpected, unpredictable, unanticipated, unforeseen, from out of left field or out of the blue. Quad Note Generator is the Player device that creates an endless stream of musical ideas. Melodies...

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  • ST100 Strumming Machine
    Strum Pattern Player
    The ST100 Strumming Machine is a Player device that lets you play guitar strum-like note patterns on any Reason compatible instrument. As a full-class citizen Player device it can be chained with...

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