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Algoritm Ethos

Patches for Algoritm

DNA Labs

  • • The Power of Algoritm Is Realized
  • • Beautiful New Poly Leads
  • • Pristine Modulated Mono Synths

Audio examples

Please note that this ReFill requires the Algoritm Synthesizer.

Behold, 64 beautifully designed poly & mono lead patches that boldly utilize the genius of Algoritm’s Synthesis Engine for unparalleled creativity and inspiration. A few of the included patches are: Ld Dream Flux Saws, Ld Distorter Morpher, Ld Flange Paradox, Ld Hp Ether Envelopes, Ld Nectar Noise Sawtooth, and Ms Analog Phase Pass. These leads are without a doubt some of the most inspiring sounds created in the DNA Sound Design Labs! Every sound has unique modulation routing for yet another evolving element to tweak.