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Kickdrum Synthesizer Collection

4 Kickdrum Synthesizer

Loop Depot

  • • 4 Combinator 2 kick drum generators
  • • Full control of all relevant parameters
  • • DANGER - heavy bass!

Audio examples

Every music lives and dies by its bass drum. So it is important to find that specific kick that makes your track complete.

This is not another library containing sampled kick drum files. This is a collection of four high quality Combinator 2 patches that generate kick drums, giving you full control of all relevant parameters. No matter if you need a high-pitched psychedelic kick, a subtle hip hop 808 boomer or a destroyed hardstyle monster bass - everything is possible with the Kickdrum Synthesizer Collection.

Leveraging different algorithms, each machine has its own unique characteristic. The user interface consistently offers access to the base parameters: envelope, pitch, sweep, transient, low pass filter, low & high equalizer and volume control. Every patch additionally includes special modifiers to alter the sound even more.

Reason+, Reason 12 or higher required