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Multiband Essentials

Multiband Essentials

Loop Depot

  • • Thinking multiband in a new way
  • • 10 Combinator 2 effect patches
  • • Split an audio signal and apply individual effects

Audio examples

Thinking multiband in a new way

The basis of multiband is to have the frequency spectrum of an audio signal split into separate, dedicated areas. This approach is mainly used inside of a compressor. Until now! Loop Depot transferred this idea into other effect devices as well and created something new, leveraging the power of the Reason Combinator 2 (Reason 12 or Reason+ is required)

This pack contains 10 Combinator 2 effect patches which cover the basic range of must-have effects in a multiband way. Pitch down only the high frequencies, apply a reverb only on the mids, distort the lower band, pan the mids to left - these are some examples of what is possible now with Multiband Essentials.

All of the Combinator 2 patches follow the same signal flow. The signal is split into four bands: low, mid:low, mid:high and high. Adjust the parameters for each band individually or bring them into sync if required. But of course a multiband compressor is included too.

Included Combinator 2 effect patches:

  • Multiband Chorus
  • Multiband Compressor
  • Multiband Delay
  • Multiband Distortion
  • Multiband Flanger
  • Multiband Mixer
  • Multiband Phaser
  • Multiband Pitch
  • Multiband Retro
  • Multiband Reverb

Reason+, Reason 12 or higher required