Analog Snap
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Analog Snap

Percussion Samples


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‘Analog Snap - Percussion Samples’ from ModeAudio is your ticket to the captivating, creative and inspiring world of analogue percussion synthesis. ModeAudio’s flair for powerful, unique sound design has been put to extensive use in producing this set of 251 insanely potent drum and percussion samples.

Packed full of window-rattling kicks, intensely characterful snares, crackling, frazzled hi-hats and so much more, these samples are all you need to inject some beautiful chaos into your rhythms. The result of countless days in the ModeAudio analogue synth lab, this pack is replete with the sounds of the venerable EMS Synthi A vintage, among other devices, to bring you all manner of punchy, percussive thumps, bleeps, squawks, squeaks, scratches and crashes.