Antidote Combination
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Antidote Combination

Patches for Antidote

Navi Retlav Studio

  • • 64 Combinator Instrument Patches
  • • 100 RE Instrument Patches
  • • For Antidote Rack Extension

Audio examples

Please note that this ReFill requires that you have the Synapse Antidote Rack Extension installed on your system.

Here are our best sounds for EDM, Trance and House. Designed from the
ground-up, to rule the dance floor; and polished to perfection these sounds
fit the mix, straight out of the virtual-box. Snappy-Plucks,
Aggressive-Leads, Dreamy-Pads, Growling-Basses, Super-Saw Polys and even an
entire Drum Kit, awaits you. Each of the combinators is unique, but they
all share a common feature; a “Clean Mix” button that let’s you decide
between the mud-free, sparkly bright tone (free of resonating frequencies)
or the richer albeit darker sound. You have fun and be inspired, when you
explore this Refill.