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Antidote Memories

Patches for Antidote

SKP Sound Design

  • • 125 Antidote Patches
  • • 50 Combinator Ensembles
  • • Tastefully Nostalgic Warmth

Antidote Memories​​ presents an unmissable patch collection that is packed full of gorgeous evolving ambiences, deep 90’s trance-tinged pads, classic laid-back 80’s synthwave leads and uplifting but contemplative arpeggiations.

Borrowing a slew of influences ranging from cheesy 80’s love songs (Phil Collins, Lionel Richie)​ through 90’s trance anthems ​(Energy 52, Cygnus X, Robert Miles)​ and finally onto the modern Synthwave movement ​(Miami Nights 1984, Lazerhawk),​ ​Antidote Memories introduces a world of tastefully nostalgic patches and combinators that are suitable for countless modern genres.

The ​Antidote Memories​​ ReFill contains a total of 175 patches including 50 Combinator ensembles for Synapse Audio’s Antidote Rack Extension.