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Antidote Memories

Nostalgic Patches

SKP Sound Design

  • • 125 Antidote Patches
  • • 50 Combinator Ensembles
  • • Tastefully Nostalgic Warmth
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Antidote Memories

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Antidote Memories​​ presents an unmissable patch collection that is packed full of gorgeous evolving ambiences, deep 90's trance-tinged pads, classic laid-back 80's synthwave leads and uplifting but contemplative arpeggiations.

Borrowing a slew of influences ranging from cheesy 80's love songs (Phil Collins, Lionel Richie)​ through 90's trance anthems ​(Energy 52, Cygnus X, Robert Miles)​ and finally onto the modern Synthwave movement ​(Miami Nights 1984, Lazerhawk),​ ​Antidote Memories introduces a world of tastefully nostalgic patches and combinators that are suitable for countless modern genres.

The ​Antidote Memories​​ ReFill contains a total of 175 patches including 50 Combinator ensembles for Synapse Audio's Antidote Rack Extension.

Product details

Antidote Memories is a collection of:

  • 3​0 Ambience & texture patches
  • 15 Monophonic basses
  • 30 Laid-back lead patches
  • 30 Deep and emotive pads
  • 20 Arpeggiated movement patches
  • 50 Combinator ensembles

The patches contained within Antidote Memories all sound fantastic right off the bat, and include full velocity sensitivity and mod wheel assignments on every patch throughout the ReFill. All sounds are calibrated to average -12dBFS (VU) to avoid any unwanted sonic surprises.

Antidote Memories​​ requires Reason 9.5 or above & Synapse Audio’s Antidote Rack Extension.


Released: 2019-02-05
Version: 1.0.0