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Zoetrope Organic Synthesizer

Warmth & Character

SKP Sound Design

  • • Classic Organic Sound
  • • Elegant & Intuitive User Interface
  • • 366 High Quality Patches

Audio examples

Introducing Zoetrope Organic Synthesizer by SKP Sound Design. Zoetrope is an elegant and intuitive 3 oscillator subtractive synthesizer with a rich and evolving sound. It’s strong focus on ease of use and fast, efficient workflow ensures that everyone from novice users, right through to seasoned professionals will feel completely at home and in total control.

Packed with warmth and character Zoetrope is perfect for a wide variety of organic synthesizer sounds. Lush pads, evolving ambient textures, fat basses, warm nostalgic leads and animated movements are all at your fingertips. So whether you are programming your own patches from scratch, or using one of the 366 included factory presets. Zoetrope allows you to quickly and easily dial in the exact sound you require by aiding your creativity, and not getting in the way of the flow with a myriad of hidden parameters or overly complex architecture. Zoetrope simply delivers the sound you need, when you need it.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible