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Maia Orange Edition

Maia Orange Edition

PinkNoise Studio

  • • Dual synth architecture with step sequencer
  • • Oscillator tables for polytimbral wave sequencing
  • • Based on the sounds of Waldorf Microwave XT synth

Audio examples

PinkNoise is proud to present the return of a legend! Maia Orange Edition features a host of exciting feature improvements and new sound-sources based on the legendary Waldorf Microwave XTK.

Not content to just re-up the sound sources this entirely new synthesiser has been re-programmed from the ground up with some very unique and exiting feature concepts to boot. Get a load of this…

  1. Dive into the Step Sequencer with advanced options on independent rates, customisable random generator, sequencer banks and editing tools.

  2. Oscillator tables for polytimbral wave sequencing, with customisable random generator and OSC Table bank.

  3. Discrete glissando gives you a new and unique method of musical performance

  4. Modulation Matrix with LFO for FX Modulation

  5. Microtuning options

  6. Round the back goodies: Use Maia Orange Edition as a dual FX processor and CV/gate out to control other devices using the Step Sequencer and/or Discrete Glissando.

And last but not least, 230+ patches making the most of this powerful instrument.

Please note that this Rack Extension requires Reason 10.1 or higher version.

Trademark disclaimer: all product names used are trademarks of their respective owners, and in no way constitutes an association or affiliation with PinkNoise Studio or Reason Studios.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible