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Atlas - Chillwave Loops
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Atlas - Chillwave Loops

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‘Atlas - Chillwave Loops’ from ModeAudio fuses lush, Shoegaze-style guitars with warm, analog electronics and dynamic live drums to deliver a 563MB trunk of audio spilling over with organic energy and soaring, ethereal spirit!

This weighty, royalty-free collection of 416 audio loops, drum samples and MIDI centres around a pristine set of bass and electric guitar riffs presented in both effected and dry versions, expertly performed and radiating that mesmeric, blissful vibe that is the very foundation of Chillwave.

From tight, palm-muted riffs and lilting lead licks to delay-drenched chords, driving basslines and beyond, this set of 4 and 6-string inspiration will take your productions on a lasting voyage to the heart of Downtempo and Chill!

Modifying the classic Rock setup of drums, bass and guitar by introducing dusty, analog electronics to the proceedings, the 203 loops included encompass thundering drums, searing synth leads, yawning pads and a wash of subtle noise textures, embracing the best of both the acoustic and electronic spectrums.

Accompanying the loops are 68 drum samples, packed with the explosive impact of acoustic percussion and the deep tone of electronic drum machines.

76 key and tempo-labelled MIDI patterns, 69 synth and guitar tail samples, 25 Dr. Octo REX patches and 3 pre-mixed Kong kits complete the pack, providing you with one fully-featured Chill production toolkit.

Find out what the marriage of kinetic live performance and vibrant analog circuitry feels like in your music - download ‘Atlas - Chillwave Loops’ today!