Auditory Vortex - Thor Vol. 2
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Auditory Vortex - Thor Vol. 2

Patches for Thor


A vortex of sounds, powered by the mighty Thor! This Refill contains over 900 leads, basses, pads, guitars, keys, poly synths, textures, rhythmic, SFX, hits and stabs, including more than 250 Combinators. The patches are made to be highly expressive with lots of motion, often responding in musical ways to things like velocity, with each note producing subtle (or not so subtle) differences in sound from the previous one. Most sounds take advantage of Mod Wheel and Aftertouch mapping, so be sure try moving those controllers when playing patches. Some of the patches use principles from physical modeling to achieve sounds with an organic acoustic feel. As a bonus, there are over 20 Kong Drum kits using physical modeled and synth sounds that are punchy and highly dynamic.