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Sydechain Subsonik Bass Designer

Combinator 2 Patches

DNA Labs

  • • Huge Side-Chained Sub 808s
  • • Submangler & Electro Distortion FX
  • • Lp ResoFilter & Z Comb+ Filters

Audio examples

For Full Compatibility The Following Are Required: Reason+ or Reason 12

This ReFill contains a full fledged Combinator 2 Bass Designer Module that utilizes the Nnxt Sampler, along with many other Reason 12 dynamic and creative FX, to create powerful & creative trap style sub bass. The 808s are saturated, tuned and uniquely filtered! Every kick is dynamically linked & side chained to the sub so that every time the kick hits, it carves dynamic space for itself and then allows the sub to return too full glory allowing huge 808s (Of course this is tweak-able and even bypass-able if desired). There are psychotic new saturation fx (Submangler & Electro-Distortion) and also new filters (Lp ResoFilter & Z Comb+ Filter) included in the designer interface for max power and tone. This is a trap producers dream realized…

Note: This is Not A Rack Extension.