Beast 808s
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Beast 808s

Beast 808s for Europa

Kickback Couture

  • • 30 Patches For Europa

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Beast 808s contains 30 subwoofer rattling patches for Europa. Are you tired of using wack 808 samples? Beast 808s is the answer.

These patches allow you to play your 808 samples via midi or your preferred sequencer without going through the troubles of pitching and finding the key of external 808 samples. Everything is song ready so that you can streamline your workflow and make bangers with 808s that shake. There is no need to manipulate the patches in order to get them to fit into your beat, as these 808 patches are modern and optimized to fit perfectly with your Kick drums and even standalone if you’re in need of a bouncy 808 bassline to run the show. Kickback and cookup.