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Beat - Drum Machine Samples

Drum Samples


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Beat - Drum Machine Samples

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‘Beat - Drum Machine Samples’ is ModeAudio’s biggest ever drum library, packing in 460 exquisitely-sampled drum machine sounds that combine the warmth and crunch of the analog era with the ultra-sharp attack and punch of modern sound design! Delving head-first into our collection of vintage hardware, we’ve captured the pure thump of the 505, subsonic boom of the 808, crisp pulse of the 909 and the ecstatically 12-bit crunch of our beloved toy keyboard to slot seamlessly into your next thunderous rhythm!

Product details

From deep, clicky Kicks, weighty Snares and slicing Hi Hats to bellowing Toms, spiky Claps, splashy Cymbals and a full range of exotic Percussion including Rims, Bongos, Cow Bells, Clave, Timbales and Shakers, we've lovingly recorded every celebrated nuance of our classic rhythm machines and processed them just enough to bring out the very best in each explosive sound.

Featuring 3 varieties of vibrant drum machine flavour, this collection spans a folder of slamming Processed Samples, carefully mixed and matched Layered Samples and finally the set of Raw Drum Machine Samples themselves. Variety and versatility in an instant!

We’ve targeted 4 different genres within the Layered Samples folder, crafting individual sets of 16 drum samples in the styles of driven, dusty LA Beats, crushed Chillwave, banging House and rock-solid Hip Hop.

Alongside the drum sounds themselves are 12 Kong Kits, precision mixed, matched and choke-assigned for instant use in your Reason productions. In addition to the genres above, we've curated each drum kit to excel in your Synthwave, Trap, Techno and LoFi beats, with 4 bonus Combinator effect patches thrown in for bolstering your drum tracks up to release standard also.

Transform your drum sound into a punchy, powerful engine of purest rhythmic inspiration - download ‘Beat - Drum Machine Samples’ now!

Pack Details:
  • 460 WAV Samples (Kicks, Snares, Hi Hats, Claps, Rims, Toms, Cymbals & Percussion)
  • 12 Kong Kits
  • 4 Combinator Effect Patches
  • 505, 808, 909 & Toy Drum Machines Sampled
  • 100% Royalty-Free


Released: 2016-09-27
Version: 1.0.0