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It's a beautiful world

Sounds And Effects

Audio examples

Requires Reason 12 to use the Combinator 2.0

Bellatierra for Reason combines synthesized and natural elements to create entirely new textures for Cinematic and any electronic styles of music.

Source material includes a real marcato violin, various bells, clay pots, real-world nature sounds such as a blizzard, waterfalls, waves crashing, wind, even ice cream vendors ringing bells on the streets of Mexico to sell their wears. And synthesized elements include both analog and fully digital creations for strings, basses, drums and perc.

Then the two (usually more) parts were mixed, and allowing the player to bring multiple parts in and out in real time via the mod wheel; and then the sound can be user modified further by the filters and modulation routings in NNXT, and further using the Combinator 2.0 UI interface in order to add reverbs, distortion, and other effects.

ALL the sounds in the demo are in the library including percussion.


1.3 Gigabytes (uncompressed)
107 NNXT presets
65 Combinator 2.0 presets.
(Requieres Reason 12 to use the Combinator 2.0)